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Before I begin I noticed something about my site ~ when I have inserted the “read more” option and readers later come to the site and click on the “continue reading” it takes them back to the home page.  So when you see the “continue reading” option, do not click on it.  Instead click on the title of the article.

Here is my intention for today ~ Remember the experience and time when I lived without knowing the experience of fear.  Perhaps another way to look at this is Remembering my full connection with Source.  Remember that I AM Source.

Either way, that is what I was called upon to today to focus on.  Simply intending (plus intending to feel/remember) “I AM SOURCE” daily has not been enough for me ~ up until this point that is.

There is no one way.  Sometimes we have to be creative.

In the interim, the sun seems to be a bit too much for me lately ~ not just because we are in a current mini heat-wave but because it seems to be too much for me to take in.  I read of another’s similar experience.

I am still dubious on whether that’s even our original sun.  The one we knew of as kids.  The orange/yellow sun compared to today’s white sun. So much info out there to see proof of a sun simulator.

Weeding out the wheat from the chaff continues.

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