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Does the energy feel different to you today?  I awoke this morning, shaking almost violently.  It took a good 30 minutes before I fully awoke. I was unusually groggy.  It felt like I had been doing something intense before the calls of my child “MAMA WAKE UP” awoke me suddenly.

I “recovered” as best as I could.  Later I packed up the car and headed to the park with the same little child who awoke me earlier.  Smiley, Lilac, Ball, Emoticon, Funny

After we arrived, I noticed the skies were brilliant blue.  Puffy white clouds.  Not a chemtrail in sight.  I was guided to take a pic of the sun, so I aimed and took the shot. You will note a rainbow-like very defined object on the right. Any ideas?

The trees seemed vibrant, one in particular, which I took pictures of and have included in my collection below.  It seemed to speak to me.  I could not take my eyes off it.  I sensed she was raising her frequencies.  I felt a sense of joyful energy radiate through my center.  I thought back to The Celestine Prophecy and how they speak of seeing the aura’s of plants and trees.  I could literally see this tree shimmer.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.

After a picnic and some playtime, my girl and I took a walk.  We came across a deer (included in pictures) ~ a young female ~ alone.  Very unusual behavior.  We have seen her before on our street a few times, always alone.  I then noticed a butterfly was flying all around my head, almost as if it were dancing with me.  I smiled, spoke with it, giggled and took pictures (as best as I could).  I finally captured it – a bit – it’s the bottom picture in the collection.

A bit later we ran into a neighbor on the walking path.  He had his dog with him.  The talk turned to 4th of July and he said his dog behaved in a new manner with the fireworks.  This is the fourth such encounter I have heard from local dog owners, all saying the same thing: their dogs behaved in a new manner this holiday ~ all of them showing much more sensitivity than in years past.

It’s the energies.  What is old and of lower frequency is simply showing itself it can no longer be.  Explosive fireworks are in that category.  Not only are they harmful and traumatizing to the ears of animals and some adults and children, they also emit toxic fumes that affect all life (my nasal passages included).  I only went along with it this year as my daughter begged us to get some fireworks, although after her reaction (she was disturbed for the first time in her young life by the loudness and the smoke), this will be the last year for this.

The closing of a chapter to welcome in the new.



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3 thoughts on “Today’s Observations ~ Gaia Is Ascending”

  1. Yes, 71 dogs in San Diego are lost in shelters due to fireworks…I cannot tolerate them….I cannot tolerate working in the matrix anymore and actively seek out the other way, which appears to me more frequently. However, if someone is negatively dispensed towards me (my boss) & creating negative thought forms/cords…I REALLY feel them. I have to slice them with my Blue Ray Sword and may need to call in help.

    The Trees, The Trees what majestic, Magical forms they are. Dispensing their Ancient codings, Divine Wisdom and Protection to us! With Honor and Reverence to these Sentinels of Light!

    1. that is so sad about the dogs – this practice does need to stop. there are other means of human entertainment and celebration that do not cause trauma for other beings.
      i am in such need of a private sanctuary just for myself. even the energies of my child and mate grate on me more than ever at times (not that i don’t love them – esp. my child – just finding i deeply need alone/quiet time and a lot of it). the old ways do not work for me and i am long past ready to be out of it completely and into what resonates with me. yes – feeling those vibes that don’t resonate with me deeply – at times though i am not aware of it as i have a tendency to numb out – then feel later. … i have had a love affair with trees since i was a little girl. next to riding my bike one of my favorite things to do was to lay underneath one and observe/watch then occasionally talk with it.

  2. Well your part of the world sounds better than ours, the chemtrails still going strong and I now feel angry towards those doing this, poisoning our lovely planet, as for sending love to them sorry mate forget it!! The birds seem bolder even coming down to the ground to ask for food, so I have to be careful to make sure they fly off and put the food on their table because 2 cats would like to catch any bird:) so I try to look out for them. Hope we soon as a race on this planet can leave behind all the bad and ugly, and just have good, this involves all low vibrational constructs that will never be able to change their consciousness no matter how much light gets in the cracks!!

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