Today’s Sun ~ shaped like a lemon


Ah there was a time the sun WAS a lemon – in color…

Our Sun.  Real?  Fake?  I know we have a simulator.  Does that mean it is displayed in front of the object we call the sun?  Yes?  How often?  There is so much talk about our sun and yet how “real” is it?  Is it a giant plasma ball?  A portal?  Both?  What we see one day is it different than what we have seen the day(s) previous?  Covering up (attempts) by the simulator?  I go outside at night and I can now feel in my body how close all of those projected objects are.  I can feel the imprisonment of the dome.  I demand to know NOW.  And I demand to not only KNOW now but to have the freedom to GO to the REAL earth.  NOW.  We all have this right.

Aye aye aye ~ here are today’s captures of that bright object in the sky.  The shape of the day being a lemon.  Likely due to the sun simulator.

Last picture shows some dumb ass pilot trying to determine which direction to head.  (sarcasm is in my blood tonight…please forgive me…)


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1 thought on “Today’s Sun ~ shaped like a lemon”

  1. The Sun, we hear snippets of its power, white or yellow, real or simulated, galactic or galaxy, portal or energy….Ra.
    Who knows??!!
    All I know is I feel 100× more alive when (it) is out

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