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The energies of today felt strange.  I felt like I was in and out of two different timelines.  All day long.

Interesting dreams.  John Denver popped in or shall I say I popped into his experience.  I recall thinking “this is how powerful I am ~ I can go wherever I want and choose whatever form I want”.

Many distractions that I allowed to pull me out of what I really wanted to do.  The piano sits unplayed.

Tomorrow is another day to answer her call.

I received a beautiful hand-made bracelet from one of you.  That was the highlight of my day!  I love personal mail and even more when it is a handmade gift.  It reminded me of the connections I have with many of you.  Sometimes I carry those energies with me when I’m feeling unsure or other fear-based emotions.  Now I have a little trinket to add to the inner experience.

My mate noticed HAARP clouds to the south of us ~ which aligns with signals coming into the west coast, showing up on the mimic array.  No worries or concerns though.

Neighbor received his flu shot.  Ugh!  Last year he received it, he was sick for Halloween.  He is older and has no memory of that.  We have tried all we can to pull him out of the left side of the box ~ to let him see Truth is found outside of the box and to see the box for the giant illusion that it is.

But he is one who says “it can’t ALL be a lie”.

Sad.  That’s what makes it an easy sell.

Oh well.  In the meantime I make him homemade applesauce.

I did receive confirmation I will be receiving training soon in the Reiki of the Divine Feminine ~ MariEl.  I have already begun practicing what I naturally do.  Last night I removed my child’s headache and reduced inflammation in my sinuses.  I feel I am taking a new road with this. Healer is indeed an experience I have wanted to share for over 15 years ~ probably more than all of my other gifts.

For now, I am off to couch manifest (in bed).

Much love, magic and quiet moments of contentment…



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