Today’s Thoughts ~ June 29, 2017


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Tick tock, tick tock goes my internal clock, waiting for “it”.

It’s rather challenging at times to keep up this facade of being “ok” with many of the things in my life when I am so long past ready to be “done with it already!”  Paying bills.  Wondering what to do next/try next to heal some of my little health issues with such limited healing modalities and ability to access what’s available.

Some days I have moments I feel like Cyprus in The Matrix.  “Why oh why didn’t I take the blue pill?”  Of course I am more than pleased I answered that inner call of awakening/searching/remembering.  But it is a tough go at times – mostly because I KNOW how things once were and I KNOW we are returning back to much of what once was – so it is painful to walk around with all of this knowledge and ideas and watch the same ‘ole continue year after year, awaiting this slow-as-molasses at times shifting until All is revealed.  It’s like many of us were given the preview years ago – sometimes decades – and it is the waiting that can be the most painful.

This morning as I did my usual inner contemplation, I gave thought to the concept I had heard of/read about and felt – Gaia is being moved.  What I feel is really happening is this artificial construct, this simulation we are living on and in is failing and is being moved at the same time – being raised in frequency – so we can at last rejoin our rightful place in the Cosmos – our Homecoming with Original Earth – our REAL Gaia.

Typing those words moves me to tears deep within.

I’m now beginning to question if 5D Gaia ever really “went” anywhere but has instead always remained while the human species was moved to artificial constructs of lower vibrations.

I know the answers will arrive soon enough.

Current symptoms:  Bloating, nausea that comes and goes and other g.i. incidences.  Seems as though nothing is moving through me as easily as what normally should lately even though I am drinking plenty of water, eating fairly light.  Probably have a big purge coming up.  I began one this morning but, well sheot, the demands of a child sometimes have to take precedent.  Eating, etc.  When those moments hit, it’s hard to shut it off and call it up later.  It’s much easier when you can just process it all out at the moment in which the body intuitively calls it up for release.  When I hear others write of the issue of ascension saying it must priority #1 – no exceptions – I see none of them have small children.  Many don’t have spouses either.

In fact, I began writing this piece almost 2 hours ago – kept getting called away – and was in fact interrupted 14 times.  Yes, I counted.

Already did the “texting of mama’s to see if their children are home or available to play” without a response.

And I wonder why I am a bit bound up at the moment….


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