Today’s Word: TIRED


Tired of waiting.

Tired of intending.

Tired of speculating.

Tired of the struggle.

Tired of letting go only to go through the same shit all over again.

Tired of doing all of the “spiritual practices” only to experience the same damn result.

Tired of feeling alone.

Tired of not having my ideas and heart SEEN and EMBRACED.

Tired of the same message of “try THIS do THIS” while those saying DO offer up nothing of assistance.

Tired of putting myself out there.

Tired of seeing the dark continue to have their way.

Tired of the those experiencing such extreme cognitive dissonance they lack the ability to SEE the suffering and instead dismiss it away with “they chose the experience” or “they needed the lesson”.

Tired of feeling I am falling behind.

Tired of anything that is not Love.

Tired of it all.

Just, just………… T I R E D.

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Author: Victoria1111

Truthseeker. Philosopher. Goddess. Starwoman. Freedom and Justice Creator. Writer. Musician. Composer.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Word: TIRED”

  1. Namasté greetings sacred Sis Star Victoria,
    I know the frustration as I to struggle to find brothers and sister’s who are kindred spirit beings.
    finding it difficult to see an outpouring of compassion for those struggling, living in the marrow of the bone.
    I believe that our desire for freedom shall be manifest,

    may every abundance manifest to you and all loved by you Victoria.
    Gratitude and thank you for all you post and share.

    Blessings to you and the rest of our clan
    growing in wisdom and Peace,

    Derek DahMah Fenner

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