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Well, after having a pretty good day, decent energy, I crashed and burned hard around 8pm, which happened to be the time of the 8 minute Global Meditation.  I sunk quickly into the meditation, right ear suddenly buzzing loudly – very loudly – and moments later my body screamed “lay down NOW”, which I did, and promptly fell asleep for about 45 minutes.  I awoke to the enthusiastic callings of one small child yelling “mama mama!” who wanted me to tuck her into bed.

Did that mean I had to MOVE, I grumbled in my mind.

So I pull myself up, crawl into my girl’s bed, snuggle us both up and read a couple of stories before giving the normal million hugs and kisses. Feeling like an absolute slug, I pull myself up yet again out of another bed, walk back to my bedroom in a zombified state and pick out clothes to wear after the nice long hot shower I intended on taking.

Didn’t go quite as planned.  The picking out of the clothes part.  I was looking for something in particular ~ and could not find it.  You see, the weather has gone from 85 and sunny to 55 and rain in a matter of 48 hours and my body is trying to play “catch-up”.  I suddenly want yoga pants and comfy tops.  I could not find my comfy tops at first and given my almost drunk-like mindset tonight, this suddenly had me feeling like a little girl.  I wanted my comfy top, the pink comfy top in particular!  Tears formed in my eyes and I stomped my foot.

Then I drooled a bit in my state of fluster.  (no joke)

Yes, I was quite a sight.  Wow, I am that tired and that affected by these 40 hz plus continual spikes, I thought.  What began as a feeling of bliss and calm this morning manifested into a toddler storm by evening. Whoever wrote of these times bringing out bi-polar states was not kidding.

After a long hot shower, I am now parked on the couch, cup of hot tea, feet on my foot massager, hot buddies on my back.  And obviously typing at the moment, although it has taken me longer than expected. Apparently along with my inability to balance my check book, find my calendars and keep track of all of this 3d reality “stuff”, I seem to be having a difficult time typing.  Spelling used to be my forte.  Now my fingers struggle to type the words my brain is speaking.

For now.

I also sit here and ponder the big question:  Why isn’t everyone having these experiences?  These days I am not as shy about asking others “how you feeling?  feeling anything new or unusual?”  I have been relieved to find a few people around here who ARE noticing the body aches, the dizzy and spacey feelings and the absolute exhaustion some days.  Most however give me the “look” and say nope, they feel just fine.  I have noticed that those who DO experience these symptoms are either into or open to ascension and indeed wish and long for a new world reality.  Those who don’t have the physical experiences either don’t care or are fine with the way things are.

What will happen to them?  Are they simply not here to go through this?

Who knows.  I can only answer for myself these days, right?  But at times I get a little annoyed that the most clued out seem to be just fine and think the rest of us are the crazy ones.

Oh well, so it is.  I’m happy with my role of “crazy woo woo chick”.  Who for now is going to put my body onto my massager, for heat alone is not cutting it.  Then I will be watching a QHHT video on new earth which I saw linked on one of my favorite ascension-type youtuber’s, Allison Coe, QHHT, out of Portland.  She said watching this video gave her chills and was in total alignment with what she is feeling and what her clients are sharing in the sessions.  Which, btw, when I clicked on the link to the video, it showed someone had watched it until the 20 minute mark.  I knew it wasn’t me and it turns out, it wasn’t my mate.  Another timeline we began watching it and are now to continue it?  A message of synchronicity from the Universe to begin watching there at that time?  I will share anything “cool” about that when we watch it.  I will link it later. For now, I am happy to hear there are others who are getting the same/similar messages and feelings about where we are and where we are going.

Validation is good.  Almost as good as finding that pink comfy top.  (which yes, I did find and am wearing)

That is all for now.  Much love…



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1 thought on “Tonight’s Experiences”

  1. Yes, some days I almost envy those who are not into this. The feelings of peace/comfort followed by those that are not continue.
    I find around 1pm I need to lie down and nap.
    The remnants of Jose are weird here. Milky white skies, no rain just spitting and every once in a while wind.
    A bear has been visiting us lately. He lumbers through our yard looking for food to get ready for winter. I am spending as much time outside as possible, observing the bees and birds. Every few days I also observe humanity!

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