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I will begin by saying it was a rather challenging day.  First I felt the energies pummel me in a new way (which I understand now means the old is shedding so the new can be made visible).  Secondly, it was a late night last night as my mate sliced his hand open and had to go to the ER for what turned out to be surgeon’s glue.  No stitches.  I was grateful it wasn’t worse ~ and also annoyed that this meant additional work for me (certain chores he cannot do for a week).  I know- petty in a way ~ but i am already overly taxed these days, longing for a real vacation away from this daily grind.

And then later today I was questioned and laughed at as to my world view and visions I hold for the new.  All of that added up to me reaching a point where I said “eff this ~ you can have your own reality ~ i am done with sharing my thoughts that you asked to hear only to be laughed at and criticized”.

So I nursed my heart and ego.  As I did so, I began stating “I Am Free.  I Am Source.  I Am Powerful.”  Something happened though.  I felt/heard “Go beyond that.  Go to where We Are.”

Now I have been intending to go beyond the beyond lately.  Just came to me as an impression one day.  I felt it out and thought “yes let’s explore”.

I Am more than I Am.  We are ALL ‘We Are’.

Not the same ~ but One.

I have spent a lot of time in doing my “I Am” intentions and remembering.  At least enough time on making that my sole focus.  It is now time to incorporate the We Are aspect.  Quite the challenge for me some of the time as I still hold this disdain towards the populace at large. I am a part of THEM in some way?  Ooooh, I don’t think so.

And yet part of me Beyond the Beyond knows different.

‘We Are’ goes beyond words.  Goes beyond beliefs. It really is that space of just Being.

One of the things I was challenged on today was how we can have a society where we are self-governing, where we agree to allow one another to live and let live ~ in the true spirit of the term.  I was receiving a barrage of questions on my perspective.  I was getting flustered at this point.  A trigger for me is being questioned ~ grilled actually ~ as though I am on trial.  I had that in my childhood so I am familiar with the tactic adults do when faced with a new thought they don’t wish to consider so instead they pick apart the thought with all sorts of attorney-like questioning.  It annoys me to NO END!  I have trained myself to respond differently and say something like “I am not comfortable with this line of questioning.  How about you take some time to contemplate what I have said and we can continue this conversation later.”  I was in no mood to take this approach today.  And I was quite exhausted and had a child nagging at me “i want to go hoooooooome” so the only answer I could come up with when asked “how is this even possible?  this way of living you suggest?” was a rather exasperated “Higher consciousness think”. What’s that, I was asked?  Oh good lord, I thought!  Guiding my child out the door I said “google it”.

Yes….  Sometimes I am more than happy to hold the hand of another, meaning I will explain fully certain thoughts, phrases and the like.  Other times, not.  Today I was absolutely uninterested in hand-holding.

I thought about this exchange thoughtfully later on.  How I could have spoken differently.  And how CAN such a diverse group of beings ever really unite together?  I wanted to smack this person on the head.

Well, within I hear the guidance.

Drop the stories.

Drop the beliefs.

Drop the judgments.

Drop it all.  All the garbage that creates separation.

Dump it out until you are just pure Being Space.  Where all just IS.  When we are in that space, we do no harm.  And we accept.  And allow.

A very resonating, pleasant space to be ~ a space I feel more and more until I forget or get tired or just don’t have the motivation to find it again.

Until I do find it again.  And the more I find that space, the more my ego is willing to relax.  Let go the need to explain, be right, etc.  Be in that space of just chillin’ (I knew there was a reason I loved using cannabis back in the day).  For this isn’t about silencing the mind or the stories.  This is about going BEYOND that space.  This is about knowing we have another option ~ another option besides just ignoring the stories or telling myself to let them go.  Those are still stories, still words.

This is about going BEYOND the words.  

I don’t have “words” really to describe it ~ I just know when I touch it and experience it.  And it is in THAT space where truly there ARE NO WORDS.

And no desire to do harm to another.  For I know ~ We Are.  


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3 thoughts on “Tonight’s Message ~ We Are”

  1. Goood Evening dear heart…not to diminish in any way your emotions of this day…or to be ‘trite’ with some kind of quote..but I do respect Pema Chodron..
    ~~The teachings of the Buddha are about letting go and opening , you do that in how your relate to the situations you are in, how you relate to your thoughts ,how you relate with your emotions.The purpose of your life is not to make a lot of money, it is not find the perfect marriage, it’s not to build Gampo Abbey. It is not to do any of these things. You have a certain life, and whatever life you are in is a vehicle for waking up. If you are a mother raising your children, that is a vehicle for waking up. If you are an a actress, that is your vehicle for waking up. If you are a construction worker, that is your vehicle for waking up. If you are a retired person facing old age,that is your vehicle for waking up. If you are alone and feel lonely and wish you had a mate, that is your vehicle for waking up. Whatever you have, that’s it. There is no better situation than the one you have. It is made for you It will show you everything you need to know about where your zipper is stuck and where you can leap. It has to do with finding space and not being covered in armor.” Pema Chodron
    Initially I thought about all of these eclipse a fasten your seatbelt moment..then I thought screw that..I’m gonna get a canoe and flow down stream..then I thought screw that..I am going to get in one of those Long Boats they have in Europe.little …houses…beds..comfort..kitchens..shelter..calm waters..flow..with all the comforts….and see where the flow goes….(:
    Perhaps , the new neighbor mama and you could do a time exchange with your girls..and each of you could have so me down time..maybe even go somewhere on your own..a park..alone..exhale..where ever your heart desires..even if only for a couple of worries…that’s what your new friendship of moms do for one another…and then you let your mate/partner the care taking..and you two women..go out together without being in the you..just a thought.
    oh, and by alllll means..puhleeeeze..exhale..(; I feel better already..(*
    wishing you calming eclipse energies…

    1. very curious about the ‘time stamp’ on your time now is 7:34 pm mountain time ..on August 19 2017..and at the top of my ‘comment’ I just sent it 20, 2017 1:22 a.m… travel.(*

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