Trumps Says he wants the lottery for immigration ended. I say I want the delays to release the tech and our return to and remembering of Source Oneness ENDED.


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I read an article a few days ago (which I did not save and cannot find at the moment) that spoke of Trump’s knowledge of the thousands of suppressed patents for things such as healing tech and free energy tech.  He even spoke of this tech in his inauguration speech when he said: “We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow …”  In this article it was stated that Trump went through the list of some 5000 patents, selected around 1000, and asked, in January of 2016, when this tech could be released.  Government officials said “10 years” to which he is reported as saying “make it happen in 2-3”.

My first (obvious) question:  Why not now?

Why not get on it NOW?  I mean my god there are every day people who already have tech that can heal us and free us up from the archaic crap of oil, coal and the like.  We have tech that can clean up our oceans and (likely) our air too.  We have tech that can heal us quickly.  NOW.  Why not empower them ($$) to put that tech to use NOW?  Let’s make some business deals, Mr. President, get the best of the best to mass produce this stuff beginning NOW.

2-3 years?

Not an acceptable answer to me.

Months.  M O N T H S.

People are suffering.  Dying.

Our realm needs cleaning and healing.


Not in 2-3 more years.

This whole “wait” and “be patient” has done worn a hole clear through my ability to take another breath and go back to “wait/be patient” mode.


We are already being sold a lie when new age acscension people say we have to stop eating meat or raise our vibrations or wait for THIS energy frequency to expand and do X Y Z in order to create the ascension experience.  We have to wait and let the process happen.

Wait.  Be patient.  DO DO DO in order to receive Source Connection.

Doesn’t anyone stop and think that maybe by giving our belief and focus and energy on “oh I have to do THIS before I am given my (RIGHTFUL) gift of the garden of even returned” we are further pushing away the experience?

Do you think we “fell from eden” slowly, over eons?


Falls are quick ~ with lingering effects.

Rise can be quick too.  (With loving assistance and guidance.)

I would now firmly state that by saying such things as we have to wait for outer healing tech to be released and letting ourselves believe we have to become these near-perfect, flawless beings (no nasty thoughts – and no bug squashing either) to appease Source so we can be returned to our energy space within All There Is?

The Source in me says to every one of you – you can come to me, broken, afraid, eating a mcdonald’s cheeseburger and say “I want to come home!  I am tired of this experience!  Can I please just feel the fullness of our connection again?” I would say YES!

Free gift.  Given just like that.  No strings.

And THEN perhaps after that you remember the connection – hey I don’t want to eat meat.

I don’t want to squash bugs.

I don’t want to harm others or hold power over them or hold them in judgment.

Because….you remember again and realize:

Hey, I AM Whole!

Hey, I AM fully remembering.

And hey, as POTUS, I AM getting on this tech release today – and it is going to happen quickly.

Dark delays (and often uses a lot of words in the process to pull you out of your desire to have what you need and want NOW).

Love acts.


Love in Action Now.

Much love and ALL NOW~

Goddess Victoria



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