UFO’s, The Paranormal and Conspiracy Theories: What Are We So Afraid Of?

I have been having paranormal experiences since I was a child.  I define paranormal as anything outside of our known scientific, human understanding.  One of the first experiences happened when I was 9 when I awoke to find an Angel standing at the foot of my bed.  She was beautiful and looked like my mom only I knew it was not my mom (I believe this Being chose to do this as to not frighten me).  She had a Light and a presence about her I had never seen nor felt from another human, my mom included.  She glided beside my bed, looked down at me and gave me such a look of Love and tenderness, it nearly took my breath away.  Then she looked out my window, back down at me again, walked to the end of my bed again and disappeared.  Since then, I have seen “ghosts”, UFO’s, aura’s and have communicated with those who have passed on.  I have had also premonitions of events, including The Challenger crash and 9/11.

Given we’re still watching the UFO in the sky each night, it’s a topic of conversation with neighbors now and then.  Tonight I spoke with one such neighbor who said they had to stop watching as they couldn’t wrap their mind around it, and so chalked it up to a Star.  When I said we and a neighbor had watched it continuously on several occasions and each time, it came to a standstill where it ceased to move any further – at least for 45 minutes to an hour (which is when my mate and I would go to sleep),   “Hmm,” was the response.

Thinking outside of the box of our little realities we create is a challenge.  Some are more comfortable exploring than others.  I happen to be the type of person who wants to KNOW.  I want to know the TRUTH.  I have a near-obsessive curious nature.  I can recall in my 20’s having my first conversation on UFO’s.  I was so excited, thinking that finally I had met someone willing to discuss the topic and held the belief that we aren’t alone in the Universe.  Interestingly enough, that is a belief most humanity believes in, yet paradoxically many of those same people do not believe in UFO’s – at least those visible in our little neck of the woods.  Why is that?

Fear.  Plain and simple, fear.  I am observing that with this UFO I am seeing in the sky.  People want to explain it away as a star or a planet, which of course given it’s trajectory and behavior it is neither.  This object is obviously in it’s own orbit, doing it’s own thing.  Stars and planets don’t do that.  Only consciously/intentionally controlled objects do that.  And yet when I have pointed that out, numerous times, I receive the blank stare and the “hmm” only to hear “it’s a planet” or “it’s a star” the next time the conversation arises.

We want to think we’re in control of our realities, something I can laugh at today. Well, for the most part.  Life continuously proves otherwise.  I can either go along with it and open my mind to something new or I can refuse to acknowledge whatever it is I am running from.  However, once the seed of “hey what’s that” has been planted, there really is no turning back.  You can run but you can’t hide.

Take, for instance, the belief I hold which has so much information to back it up, it’s really a Truth: the political system is rigged, the MSM cannot be trusted and the entire system itself is controlled by a very small number of people (if I can even call them that).  I’m sure you can imagine I have been questioned, even grilled on that one.  When I am eventually asked, “How can all of this be true?  How can we be so controlled and lied to by so few?”

“Your disbelief and refusal to believe such,” I say.

Slowly, as more people awaken, things such as UFO’s, the paranormal and conspiracy theories are becoming more acceptable and thus mainstream.  I imagine a day where I turn on the news (only because it’s actually based on Truth) and can take my pick on such topics being presented in a fashion that isn’t insulting or obviously biased and thus dismissive.  Until then, as I continue expanding my own awareness and mind, as I continue to share my experiences and Truth with others, I will do my best to remain grounded and thoughtful when I encounter those still stuck in their own illusion and fear, for I was once there myself.

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