Under-Reported Facts About “Vault 7” Wikileaks

Editor’s note: I was saying in 2006 that our tv’s had microphones and camera’s to monitor us ~ straight out of “1984”.  Naturally I was deemed a “conspiracy theorist” and yet as I recently read, today’s conspiracy theorist’s are the new prophets of the new reality.  ♥  Check out this video below.  Wearechange.org is an awesome organization, one I highly recommend you follow and support.  

THE TOP 5 Under Reported Scariest Facts About The Vault 7 WikiLeaks Release

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1 thought on “Under-Reported Facts About “Vault 7” Wikileaks”

  1. http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Luke_Rudkowski

    I learned about this technology in the mid 90’s….
    Shining the Light, Light technology publishing.

    BTW, Ron Paul railed against centralized governments yet when his own supporters wouldn’t sell him a domain name they owned, he went to the highest form of government to complain! He lost. They were willing to give him other names they had, too.
    Globalization is the attempt to control the inevitable unification that is occurring. Fighting unification as an “anti-globalist” just means you are being controlled by the right.
    Neo didn’t wake himself up. He was awoken by a group of people that cared about others, not how much they could get for themselves. Zion is a community, of individuals but always a community.
    Don’t take your red pill so seriously.

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