United Airlines flight diverted after ‘toilets reach capacity’


Another instance of being oh-so-close to that destination before having to turn back.  5 hours into an 8 hour flight too…   And if it was just the toilets needing serviced, why change planes entirely, you know?  uh huh……….

I am being sarcastic of course….

I would like to see the passenger list.  The Clinton’s were just in Hawaii over the weekend ~ the same time there was that “fake” missile alert.

Are you giggling yet over the title?  When I told my mate another plane was diverted and he would not believe the reason ~ he actually nailed it!

“We’re turning this flight around because of all you shitters!”

Flight attendant one to flight attendant two:  “I told you we should not have served beans for lunch.”

“Does roto-rooter make ground-to-air calls?”

Oh my…    I do feel for the airlines at this time…


A passenger aboard a United Airlines flight from Denver to Hawaii claims the airline “ruined a lot of people’s vacations” by failing to service the plane’s bathrooms before takeoff on Sunday.

United Flight 1219, which left for Hawaii just before noon, was forced to divert back to San Francisco after the “lavatories had reached capacity” before the aircraft was able to arrive at its intended destination of Lihue, in Kauai, United confirmed in a statement.

“I am very sorry that our lavatories had reached capacity while Flight 1219 was en route to Lihue,” said a representative for United in a statement to passengers, according to Fox 31. “A decision was made to turn back and land in San Francisco where arrangements were made to change planes. I can appreciate that this experience was disappointing and unpleasant.”

A representative for United further tells Fox News that the flight was “diverted to San Francisco for a mechanical issue with the lavatories,” although he declined to specify the issue.

Passengers Rich and Kristen Anderson, who spoke with Fox 31, say the plane was only about three hours away from landing in Lihue when their pilot broke the news that they’d be turning back. They say the captain also revealed that the aircraft’s bathrooms hadn’t been properly serviced back in Denver.

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    1. i’m gonna have to find that photo i saw of the two of them – would not surprise me. in the one photo i saw of him and two others he looked very short – normally he’s the tallest male in the picture.

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