The Universe Is ALWAYS Reminding Us We Are Not Alone


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I had a rather challenging afternoon.  Some conflict and old stuff and…big sigh….oh how I do not do well with drama any longer.  The desire for peaceful energies, stable reliable peaceful energies is morphing out of me, surrounding my aura, shooting all out into the vastness of the cosmos. Today I imagined this taking place and visualized the Universe saying “Send her those peaceful energies.  She is allowing for them.”  I then thanked the Universe for the blessing.

Late in the day, I took my girl over to her friends house.  I love going over to this place.  The parents are wonderful, beautiful people.  They radiate a light, a calm that I do my best not to behave like a puppy dog who wants to lap up that wonderful water.  After I dropped off my girl and headed out to leave, my girl’s little friend exclaimed that she did not want me to go.

A first.

She approached me and gave me a hug, a big tight wonderful glorious hug, which I returned.  She then looked up at me and looking me straight in the eyes in that pure way children are just naturally able to do, said she wanted me to stay forever.

Yeah, where’s the tissue, right?

Of course then my little angel had to join in and next thing I know I am being bathed in little girl sweetness.

Talk about a power surge of love.  I walked out of that house in a different space, arriving home grounded and back in my OWN energy space again.

The Universe having spoken:  You are worthy.  You matter.  You are seen.

Which deep within I already know.  But when in those moments of confusion, doubt, chaos, it can be easy to temporarily forget that.  And so for that reminder, I am deeply deeply grateful.  And from here on out, it is my intention to ONLY be around the energies of others who believe I am worthy, who believe I matter and who see me.  For anything otherwise is no longer welcome in my life.  Including my own doubts.  I am far too amazing and precious to allow for any such nonsense.

As you are too.  



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2 thoughts on “The Universe Is ALWAYS Reminding Us We Are Not Alone”

  1. What a beautiful way to brighten anyone’s day, especially yours! Those little gestures of love are a treasure indeed! And yes, we are all worth it!
    As a side note, I take my extra organic produce and arts and crafts to the farmers market on Saturday mornings and I bake some organic cookies and cakes as well. Not everyone here buys organic but on occasion I will have someone tell me that they are so grateful I am there and they appreciate the organic items. Makes me feel that what I do is worthwhile and I try shine my beacon of light while I am there.

    Love you,

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