Update On THE Event From The Cats (Confirming My Own “Feel”/Insight)


Ok friends…  If my memory is correct (and it may or may not be – lol), I shared some insight last month as to when this big pulse of Christed/Love energy would be coming from the Cosmos.  I heard “january february” over and over – almost in one word.  I concluded then this meant late january/early february.  I have changed my “feel” on this event – in that I see/feel it as us easily (finally!!) being able to FEEL the Connection/Unity with Source and All.  That will then lead to other changes, abilities and adventures which will be MUCH more in alignment with what WE choose.

So last night a friend had tagged me on social media to read a psychic medium’s post.  It was so horrible – the prediction’s for this year for nothing but dark/tragic events – I felt my energy drop as I continued to scroll through.  It didn’t resonate with me in ANY way.  At that moment, Higher Self nudged me.  “Go to the cats page.”  I don’t go there that often so I followed through.  Happy I did given their prediction of this “Event” are in alignment w/my own guidance.  

Interesting to note (and what I have seen for over a year myself as well and just known):  This energy does not come FROM the sun but rather THROUGH it from, in their words, “another dimension”.  

I am also reminded of Allison Coe (QHHT) and her clients of last year all saying the same thing in terms of this event ~ first quarter of this year, between january and march.  It is now on my calendar as a focal point to Welcome and Celebrate.

Reminder for me:  TRUST MYSELF FIRST and MAINTAIN that energy of trust and do not give my Power away to anyone else’s thoughts, opinions, words, etc.  


So, Step 7 happened. Actually, it kinda happened before the countdown finished (except for one CAT who got flattened on January 2nd), but oh well. Some of us got hammered, here and there, some of us were hot-and-cold (literally), some of us had ice cream. You spins your bottle, you takes your frame-of-reference smooch.

Enter Step 8 

STEP 8 is supposed to be THE BIG ONE, according to our guides. We must’ve asked 10,000 times. It will be around January 31st, which also has a lunar eclipse and full moon/SUPERMOON associated with it. For whatever reason, the last few steps have revolved around the lunar calendar; we have no idea if this will be the case with remaining steps.

Most importantly, the energy from Step 8 looks to come through the sun, not from the sun, from an extradimensional source on the opposite side of the sun, using the sun as an amplifier. This is apparently “The Event” that everyone came back for this one lifetime to see. Will it be? We’re not sure, but our guides are saying “Step 8 is the big one.” It’s on a Wednesday, too. Over the hump!

Will you go to a new place? Will you find yourself on a new timeline? Will cats become sentient? We don’t know. What we DO know is that the energy will be epic. Most of us plan to fast around that time, as fasting makes energy transitions a lot less painful. What we do know if that lots and lots of beings have been coming to witness this; some have been here for over a year. Frankly, we’re all pretty darn exhausted. Hopefully, this really will be The Big One.

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2 thoughts on “Update On THE Event From The Cats (Confirming My Own “Feel”/Insight)”

  1. When I come upon an article like the one you described, full of dire predictions or whatever, thankfully my higher mind kicks in and says, “Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.” I close the door before I let any of the energy affect me to the best of my ability.

    On those occasions the energy struck a cord I take it as an opportunity to affirm this is not of truth, not this time line, or whatever words come to mind ~ most simply “Cancel, Clear, Delete.”

    And, you know me and how I like to take any opportunity to affirm:

    Proponents of evil see that their evil deeds are revealed…

    Criminals are responsible for the crime!

    Through imagination, opportunities arise.


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