Update On The Live Meteor Signal ~ It Is The Sacred Earth OM Tone ~ C# 432hz


Thank you so much to Laura for pointing out that the tone on the live meteor capture is the C# ~ 432hz.  Here is what she had to share with me:

Saw today that the “whatever is coming in now” on the live meteors capture has a similar “tone”….  it’s an exact C#!  …  Check it out – Yep! it is 432hz !!!  (at 440hz tuning it would be between C and C#) This I found out IS INDEED the Sacred OM tone C# at 432hz! The Earth Tone!”
I am so grateful for her find ~ and humbled too.  As a lifelong piano player I didn’t stop to think about the tone.  I knew it was a craft of some sort and was focused on that.
And now I know.  It wasn’t just a craft.  There was/is more to the story.
“They” are sending us the tone our bodies and Souls need.  Perhaps prepping us for New Earth frequencies.  I have been there enough times in my astral state to know the “feel” is different than it is in this realm.  The best way I can describe it is Home ~ for every part of my Being.
Amazed and blown away!  Still needing to let this one seep into my heartspace.

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