More Upgrades ~ A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On


Well this explains why my little one just “happened” to pull up the jerry lee lewis song “whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on” given what I wonderfully experienced last night – at 1:15am – again (same bat time, same bat place I am going to begin to say).

I had been asleep, after doing a meditation with Higher Self (who told me, briefly, “she” was busy in the higher realms helping with planetary grid work and I needn’t worry myself about “helping” or doing anything different).  I woke up with a jolt, feeling the entire bed rumbling then I began to do the usual trembling all over.  Lasted for several minutes.  I did the usual.  Breathed it in.  Felt some blocks.  Visualized areas that are still needing some focus/attention/loving care to release.  Of which I am feeling this today (a wee bit emotional/triggered at the moment).  Yeah, had a big major tantrum until I just kinda had to laugh at myself and say “seriously, girl ~ aren’t we tired of these experiences?  Let it goooooo.”

Then I did some deep breathing, some tapping.

(Then later on received an e-mail newsletter talking about tantrum’s during these times and doing EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique, or tapping – to help.  I will share info later on that in case anyone is interested and/or unfamiliar with the process.)

This followed last night’s 10pm sudden feeling of “UGH” – body pain all over.  Heat.  Comfort.  Warm tea.  Soothing myself until I found some relief.

So after the shakin’…..  I returned to a deep sleep.  Awoke at 3:30am to one of the issues – lying there in bed – pondering – ugh – finally surrendered as much as I could.  Tummy rumbling. Got up around 5am – I simply couldn’t sleep – must eat now – went to the refrig – grabbed half a banana, some bread, water and some of my little one’s chocolate pudding. Aaahhh.  Some relief.  Returned to bed and immediately zonked.

Feeling like a very relaxed zombie at the moment.  It’s been an interesting day for sure – feeling I am traversing timelines, one foot in, one foot out. Nap didn’t help much.  Feeling a rather sense of “blah” overall ~ which I read earlier is something many are feeling.  Late this afternoon we noticed two police cars pull up quickly in front of a neighbor’s house and the officer’s ran to the door.  She’s an elderly woman with dementia ~ has caregiver’s now.  Her son and his wife live next door but they didn’t seem to be home.  I don’t know what the call was about – no ambulance came and there was no noticeable noise.  The officers left about 30 minutes later.

I pondered unnecessary suffering ~ how just downright horrible it has to be to watch someone slowly lose their mind.  Cures for such diseases. Ways of Living and Being we are all worthy of needing to come on board YESTERDAY to put an end to this unnecessary sadness.  Such a heavy weight.  I thought again for the millionth time for the means to heal such people.  Life is precious.  We are surrounded by a plethora of elderly folks and feel like we are the “young family” in the neighborhood.  Visiting with my friend’s mom, who is another one of the neighbor’s recently, where she told my friend she had such an “amazing thing” happen – me visiting and talking with her.

Will be doing more of that.

The song “I can feel it comin’ in the air tonight” just went through my mind, so I will link that song as well as Jerry Lee’s shakin’ tunes.

The dinner bell is ringing so time to feed the family.  Get some fireworks for an fire-work obsessed child.  She digs those smokie worm-like things. And now apparently is covered in mud.

It’s all good!  Even though it feels so hard in moments and I feel like major crap.  It’s still all good…


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