Why Do They Have Us Count Backwards For Hypnosis and Relaxation?


Something to make ya go “hmmm.”  Well, at least me.  Seems I NEVER stop questioning…

Recently, as I was relaxing my mind to go to sleep, I began the usual visual exercise of going down a flight of stairs, counting backwards.  It’s something we have all done, whether we have been in the presence of a hypnotist, psychologist, shaman or other healer or even an anesthesiologist prior to surgery.  As I engaged in this, I suddenly stopped and something within me asked:  “Why do you count backwards?  Why do you go down the stairs?”

Who taught healers and counselors and the like to use this method?

Hmm, I thought.  I had never given this a thought.  I then heard:  “Consider counting up.  Consider climbing up stairs.  You want to raise your frequency to truly go within.”

Is it possible that counting backwards lowers our frequency?  We are used to this method, used to the state of relaxation is creates, and yet how truly relaxed does this make us?  Are we being (unintentionally) fooled?  Limited? Is this another matrix program?

What came next surprised me.  I am paraphrasing it as it came quickly and was mostly feeling:

“You know when you watch these meditations and you often feel in your body that there are compromised messages at times?  You sense the person’s highest self struggle to speak as though there is some sort of intrusion?  You will experience a purer message if you count up and visualize yourself climbing upwards.  Try it.”

I have indeed watched numerous videos and have actually seen and strongly sensed a struggle.  I am left feeling “this person is being compromised”.

Why is it we have been trained (convinced?) to believe that in order to relax we must count backwards and visualize us going down steps?  When I am honest with myself, I will admit this has often bothered me.  I recall recently the first visit with my Shaman and she had me visualize going down stairs. As I began doing this, I suddenly wanted to stop the experience and try another method.  Instead, I just breathed deeply instead of following the rest of the visualization.

Try it.

I will.

Let me know if you do too.  And please share your experience.



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1 thought on “Why Do They Have Us Count Backwards For Hypnosis and Relaxation?”

  1. This post is a godsend! I have tried counting backward as a tool to fall asleep and it rarely worked – and also made me feel tense (which I mis-assumed was just because I wasn’t able to fall asleep). The counting forward works like a charm!

    No more counting backwards and descending down the stairs. We are ascending…

    People on the stairs went upstairs!!!

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