Using Discernment In A Sea Of Illusion

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I don’t know about you, but I found myself in a state of absolute frustration and weariness, waving the white flag, in my attempt at getting some Truth on several issues.  The RV/financial reset for one.  Redeeming certain bond notes.  Disclosure.  Arrest of the cabal. Even ascension and the steps we are to take to “get there”.

What inspired me to write this piece today was reading a writing that states in order to go through Ascension in a successful manner, one MUST have the following treatment(s) done.  Then I read further about these healing methods – all of which require you to fork over several hundred dollars.  No mentioning of doing this for free or a reduced amount.  No mention of even a donation option.

Excuse me for being, well, a decent human being, but isn’t the idea of Ascension about Love – expanding that energy?  So as such, wouldn’t that mean if you have some TOOL to offer humanity to assist in this process (and according to these folks, without this TOOL you ain’t ascending), you want to make sure to offer it to anyone who needs it?  Aren’t we all in this journey together, more or less?  Yes and yes!

Such folks are out for money first and foremost and as such, aren’t Of The Light, for lack of a better term.

Then there is the whole RV/Nesasa/Gesara issues which have so many people feeling left out, confused and disappointed.  It’s as though these folks pushing it are claiming to have magical answers while waving a magical carrot in front of the masses faces only to pull it away when the masses get too close.  After that experience we are told, once again, to be patient.  Hurry up and be patient, is more accurate.  You don’t do that to the people – fill them with a sense of hope only to pull it away then present it all over again.  You don’t do this to humanity, who have been needlessly suffering for far too long under this current debt/monetary enslavement system.

Shall we talk about the arrest of the cabal now?  We shall.  I have been hearing “intel” (a term I use loosely) that major parties are under house arrest for a long while now.  I have heard where minor parties have been arrested.  Many say “arrests are coming folks be patient”.  Last I checked, if any private citizen committed some of the horrible crimes these beings have, they would be immediately locked up and held, without bail, until their trial.  Sounds like either this is just a big grand deception or these elite are continuing to receive their “special treatment”.

Then there is Disclosure.  Apparently only a select few are privy to any sort of information on this topic.  The latest talk has centered around the idea of “partial disclosure” – as though full disclosure would be too much for humanity.  Last time I checked, the majority of us are adults, capable of making that decision for ourselves. “Partial disclosure” simply means “more of the same lies and dark”. But those pushing this agenda are pulling the “hurry up and be patient” agenda.

Then there is the whole Zim note story.  Supposedly you buy some African Zim notes and any day now, we will be able to redeem them for amazingly high exchange rates.  Not today though.  But this will happen by next week.  Really it will.  Next week comes and goes and get spoon fed the same crap.  Every few days there are pieces that, once again, fall under the “hurry up and be patient” mentality.

I certainly cannot be the only one screaming “EITHER PISS OR GET OFF THE POT” at this point.  Wait?  Wait for what?  As Jimmy Stewart’s character in It’s A Wonderful Life, George Bailey so beautifully said to Mr. Potter (metaphor for today’s banker/elite/cabal):

Wait? Wait for what? Until their children grow up and leave them? Until they’re so old and broken down that they… Do you know how long it takes a working man to save $5,000? Just remember this, Mr. Potter, that this rabble you’re talking about… they do most of the working and paying and living and dying in this community. Well, is it too much to have them work and pay and live and die in a couple of decent rooms and a bath?

This is about treating people the way you would want to be treated. This is about providing people with the TRUTH – WHEN you have it. This is about SHARING what you have so that it helps EVERYONE, not just a select few who happen to have enough pennies saved up. This is about saying “I DO NOT KNOW” when you really don’t.

This whole ascension/end of darkness/new financial system, etc. etc. has created a sea of filth, of those longing for their 10 minutes of fame, of creating websites in order to make a nice little profit and who cares if what they share is true or not.  And yet we the masses are supposed to use our Discernment.  How convenient.  And what a cruel thing to put on a trusting person.

Enough.  This is more “blame the victim” mentality that TRULY has no place in an ascending populace.  How about instead of allowing these folks to continue to share their perception of Truth, we make it clear on a few things:

  1. No more guessing games.  Intel must be truthful and accurate.  If one doesn’t know for sure, SAY IT.
  2. Got a service to offer humanity that will offer healing?  Offer it in such a way that ALL who seek and are in need can benefit.
  3. No more mentioning of financial paradise and debt relief until the deal has been done and there is visible PROOF of said deal.

Some of us are tired of using our Discernment.  Some of us are fed the fuck up with getting our hopes up only to be let down again. Some of us are absolutely ready and willing to heal parts of ourselves with means and methods that are not provided by mainstream but just because we lack the funds does not mean we are any less deserving.  Pro bono work, people.  Incorporate that. Please.  With Truth. With Love.

Anything else means you’re just continuing to serve the dark.  And we can ALL admit we have had far enough of that.


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