Victor Oddo ~ Ascension Energy Update for 10/23/17 ~ “Something Big Is Coming”


Certainly experiencing some things in my life not flowing and I am more than willing to just let all of that stuff go to allow for N E W.  I also appreciate how he speaks of the inner child needing comfort ~ re-experiencing old habits and patterns.  Being in that loop again.  Ugh! Yes ditto!  I am totally fed up with myself over certain patterns and especially thought bubbles of fear.  Got into that again today and stopped myself. No. That is NOT Who I Am.  I will not succumb to being afraid of what’s “out there” any longer.  Strong desire to revolt.  Become free again.  Yes yes yes.  !!  Breaking free of the chains ~ I feel that energy.  It is very palpable.  Also of interest in how he speaks of opening to a new way of healing ~ which I recently dove into with working with a Shaman ~ an experience I will be having again this weekend.  Until then purifying is in store ~ and Gaia is cooperating with a full week of sun and warmth.  Anyway…good information in this one.  


Ascension Energy Update – (Week Of October 23rd)

Published on Oct 23, 2017

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