The Vision Alignment Project ~ A Vision For Our Children


I love this one so much.  Sent in by a mama of 4 and a midwife.  Pure heart vision she has.

We see a world where children are heard for their wisdom, where we know they are one with the source, where we who precede them delightfully call out to the highest aspect of all souls as they enter life through conscious conception and sacred union. We envision a world where being a parent is a very holy occupation, where many are joyful in helping with the upbringing of our children. To honor the children, adults hold council with them on how to design their education and the creation of community that intends the highest good for all future generations.

We see the children having the freedom to explore nature, to spend great hours communing with the trees, the animals, the weather, the rocks, all aspects of their Divine Mother Earth. Our children easily absorb right action of respect, love of self, and love of all from the adults, as we understand that this gives us our greatest joy. As our children begin to blossom into adulthood, there are rituals to celebrate each of their passages, empowering them and us with true purpose. Celebrations occur freely and often, for all of their great accomplishments.

And we see all children being accepted for their talents, all of them having their inner light shining forth, a light that never needs to be dampened or hidden. All the children of the world sing their songs of freedom, and we are all blessed with the tones.

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