We Are Not The Same – But We Are Still One

I had an experience tonight at the grocery store.  It was crowded and there were only 3 spaces available that I could see.  Two were in an area that is difficult to navigate (this particular store has a very poorly laid out parking lot) and one was in front one of those charging stations – easy to pull into and plenty of room for a young child who likes to open up doors wide (parents will get that one).  There are no signs indicating only electric vehicles may park there.  I have actually never seen an electric vehicle park there and use the service.  I also see non-electric vehicles park in the spaces frequently.

So we (child and I) pull in.  We get out, proceed to walk to the store, when a woman in an electric car stops in front of my car and asks me if that is my car.  Yes, I reply thinking did I leave on my lights or something.  She then tells me I can’t park there, she has to charge her car and I need to move my car.  At first I glance around the lot – where can I park?  The place is packed.  So I tell her “there are no signs indicating only electric vehicles can park here and I believe I can park there.”  She tells me I can’t.

So what do I do, I thought.

I opted to be generous, got back into the car with my child, made sure she got buckled up in her booster seat and made a mental note that once inside, I would get the store policy on this.  I didn’t want to violate it unnecessarily.

Well, turns out store policy says those spaces (of which there are two) are open to all vehicles.  The clerk apologized and said the woman was not in the right to tell me I had to park elsewhere.

The fact that I moved my car doesn’t bother me.  It was this woman’s attitude.  I’m ok with doing the kind thing for my fellow human.  However I am not ok with this sense of entitlement some have. Those with more money.  Those who drive these types of vehicles and their air of “Lookie me saving the environment.”  I am sensitive to energy and this woman had the “I am better than you” stick far up her ass.  I could feel it, see it.

For at no time did she ask if I wouldn’t mind moving my car.  And when I did, at no time did she thank me.

This higher dimension better get her fucking sooner than later so I do not have to engage with such people anymore.  I am tired of the bullies.  Tired of those who think they are more entitled to x y z.  And good lord tired of folks who think their shit doesn’t stink.

Truth is – it stinks for us all.  At times we all stink.

We may be different.  And as hard as it is for me to swallow sometimes, we all – this woman included – come from the same Life.

If this happens again I may move.  Or I may not.  It all depends on how I am asked.  Kindness combined with gratitude, after all, goes a long way.

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2 thoughts on “We Are Not The Same – But We Are Still One”

  1. I am laughing, but it is not funny anymore. The speed limit on my road is 35 and I live on a blind corner of the gravel county road. These people up here speed and one of these days there is going to be a head-on crash on this corner. That almost happened the other day when I was having a conversation with my mail carrier who was parked on the side of the road by my mailbox. These two trucks were speeding around this corner and one of the trucks with a trailer attached decided to take the corner wide and almost slid into the mail carrier’s car. Then the next car was also speeding and the same thing almost happened, but she stopped on the road, put down her window, and I said she needed to slow down…she just put her window up and drove away…no sorry, no nothing, except a shake of her head like I was in the wrong to ask her to slow down.

    The neighbors right next door all they do is ride up and down their driveway with the noisy ATVs they have. I had three and half years of peace and quiet until they moved in. They have no consideration for their neighbors. They even drive up and down the county road in front of my property with the ATV… when ATVs are not allowed on country roads without being plated and tagged just like a vehicle. They target shoot all the time. They have no control over their dogs. Ahhh, it is more and more with them so I will just quit with my venting…LOL. Sheriff deputies will do nothing, we rarely see them unless they have been called for what they consider a crime.

    I disturb NO ONE’s peace and quiet up here, but I have to put up with all their noise pollution, but yet I am the bad guy per them. I have rights, but don’t get to enjoy them.

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