What Really Matters?

One thing about living in this dimensional matrix construct is how it pulls us out of the “now” and thus, who we really are.  As children we are completely immersed in the “NOW”.  It’s ok if you don’t remember being like that as a child.  I can prove it to you.  I have a small child who teaches me constantly how to be in the NOW.  She will completely immerse herself into every activity, every creative pursuit.  She will completely “lose” herself – and it’s beautiful.  And precious.  Her sweet little voice, singing little made-up tunes, making up stories with her toys, all as though she is the only one present in her reality – as though she hasn’t a care in the world.  I watch her – listen to her – and as I do – I become just as “lost” as she is.  Children have that way of pulling us into their world.

And thank goodness for that because, let’s be honest, who of us really authentically enjoys the adult world?  The one that has us focused on tasks we think we “have” to do.  Paying bills to some corporate master simply because the system has allowed them to.  Slaving away at some job. Trying to figure out how we will budget our money so that we have our basic survival needs covered.  Cooking and cleaning and running errands all the while technologies and new ways of living/being are being withheld from us that would and will make our lives easier.  We like to think advances like the microwave and processed foods and modern cars and medical “advances” (a term I use with a roll of the eyes) have made our lives easier – but they haven’t.  They have only made us more stressed out and unhealthy, which leads us to seeking out medical treatment from a system that is so archaic, broken and at times, criminal.  (More on that topic later…)

What really matters?






How much of our lives are focused on the above?

Very little.

When it could be different.

We could all be living in total freedom – doing/saying/eating/living however we want.  HOWEVER  WE  WANT (in so long as our behavior isn’t interfering w/another’s freedom).  David Icke has a beautiful definition of freedom if you wish to explore this further.

Love.  Connections.  Creativity.  Our soul naturally gravitates to these concepts for that is what It is.

Resourced based economies and new/repressed technologies will ensure we have more time for such activities.

Health.  Again, new/repressed technologies that can and will easily and often quickly heal us down to the cellular level.  I completely believe we were never meant to be sick – not in the way many are today and certainly not at such a young age.  I have lost a sister in law and two friends to cancer in the past few years – and they were all 55 and younger.  Currently have a friend who is battling brain cancer – at 50.  INSANE.

Removal of things such as fluoride, nuclear and oil technologies, industrial pollutants,  microwave technologies and wi-fi fields, cell phones and the radiation they emit, GMO foods and chemtrails and promoting new technologies to clean up the mess created by the dark ones is needed.

I had to pause as I was typing up that list – the idea that ONE PERSON could support such crap is something my mind cannot and never will grasp.  We want to believe we are so advanced.  The joke is on us because we’re NOT.  We are technological, emotional, mental and spiritual infants who have forgotten we are genius-level alchemists.

Creating something better – now – is what really matters.

Being in the present moment so we can REMEMBER who we really are is what really matters.

You being you.

Me being me.

All of us, together, united for the common purpose of living joyfully, peacefully, freely and healthfully…

That is what really matters.



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