Where Is The Sun?

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Something’s up.


I want to know where the Sun is.

Other parts of the country are seeing it and yet out west, we are lucky to see it 2-3x/month.

Well it is winter, the unawakened ones in my life tell me.

And yet, never have I recalled a winter where we didn’t get a week here and there throughout where we DO get our Sun.

This winter?

She is really missing.

And my body is feeling it.

Our Sun is a food source to our bodies.  Yes, bodies plural.  Energy. Physical.  Mental.  Spiritual.  Astral.  All of those “parts” of me NEED the sun.

And the dark agenda minions are blocking her with their weather manipulation insanity because not only do they know the necessity of our Sun, they also know she is part of the Ascension process.

When we DO have sun, I feel so much better.  While not a requirement to my ongoing ascension process, it makes it much easier and thus quicker for me to release, ground and vibe up when I have access to our Sun.

So what do I do about it?

Seriously.  I want to know.  I need my sun.  As the picture I linked in my previous post shows, the Sun is food source to us, and this becomes more important and imperative the higher we vibe.

I have a couple of choices here.

  1. Move.  (any ideas folks on places that are affordable, small/rural and near mountains/trees?)
  2. Learn some Native Magic to clear out the endless cloud coverage.

Something needs to give.  Soon.  For as fast as my body is changing, the less I seem to need food, the more I need my Sun.


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3 thoughts on “Where Is The Sun?”

  1. I feel sorry for you on that side of the planet. Here in Australia the sun is so dominant that I’m so grateful to see a cloudy day at times! I hope the weather pattern changes for you soon!! Yours Faithfully
    David Mackey.

  2. I am moving out of here soon since the house has been sold now. I love PNW, just that after living for five years, I do miss the sun tremendously. I originated from CA ( love the gorgeous weather ) but I have no plan moving back to the police state.

    My possible choice that I can afford with land and house is Texas while it is still affordable. I decide to live off grid kind of life style, that is my dream . Grow my own veggie, raising herds, planting fruit tree…. solar sun energy, green earth ship home….

    Avoid city , avoid people, surround myself with nature only…

    Blessing you

    1. yes – the lack of sun has weighed much and am longing for more sun – smaller area – certainly far less people! would also love to live off grid. keep me posted as to your relocation ventures. feel we are getting ready to leap to wherever it is we keep feeling/seeing.

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