Why Empaths Act The Way They Do Around Inauthentic People

Editor’s note:  I can really relate to this one!  I have been training myself this past year to pay attention to my body when I’m around others.  When I do, I notice in my belly if this is someone I vibe with or not.  I have a couple of neighbors who are absolutely unbelievable deeply inauthentic and man, when I see them that inner radar in my belly goes off.  As the article states, it is excruciatingly painful!  


By Raven Fon


By definition, empaths are emotionally sensitive people who absorb the emotions and feelings of others- even the ones other people don’t know they’re emitting. Sounds like an exhausting job, right? Well, imagine being able to soak up all of those feelings, and being around a fake person. It’s perplexing, frustrating, and yes, excruciating, for an empath to be around an inauthentic person.

Have you ever spent time with someone who seemed quite pleasant and kind on the surface, but when you were physically near them you felt…gross? You could barely form a sentence; you immediately went from ‘okay’ to ‘blah’.  In a manner of speaking, this is because your empathetic antenna is picking up on something that just isn’t right. You know that what you are seeing and what is really going on doesn’t match- and that usually means someone is hiding something.

Highly sensitive people need honest, deep, meaningful relationships with others. If you’re not genuine, they’re not up for the relationship.

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2 thoughts on “Why Empaths Act The Way They Do Around Inauthentic People”

  1. I can really relate to this also…my trip to town this past week was interesting.

    There is this lady I have known since 2005, but we rarely see each other and I went into the store where she works to get something. She saw me and greeted me with lots of energy, we talk a little bit, and then when I was about to go, she hugged me and said ” I love You” and I said same back to her and gave her my phone number to call if she needed to talk with someone…you see, she has some medical issues and is scared right now. I left with a beautiful vibe from the encounter.
    Then I go into the grocery store, and this guy is racing around the store with a cart like he is the only person in there. He comes around this isle corner and almost plows into me { and I would have been injured, if I hadn’t moved quickly}. No apology, nothing from him, so I said I said my piece to him and walked away. He was unhappy because he had to shop and didn’t seem to know where anything was. I saw him later and was very careful around him.

    Thus, this is part of why I hate to do errands in town. I keep to myself to stay calm and peaceful instead of all the drama I see in people nowadays. ;-} I am not perfect mind you, but I don’t take it out on others.

    P.S. I “try” to remember to put a golden white bubble around me for protection from other people’s dramas. I put it around my vehicle so there are no problems with it when I drive.

    1. i was reminded today by my mind/body person the importance of planning ahead before i go out. get in tune with my body. and as was suggested, state which “character” (polite way of saying all of those voices in our heads) is going to be in charge during the outing. aside from holding out for teleportation and the like, also awaiting guidance on where i will reside. oh how i long for a small community of more or less like-minded souls. your experience w/your friend you ran into is quite beautiful. during that same visit in which i ranted about – i ran into someone i knew who had moved away and was back for a visit. i asked her if she was happy – and i remember thinking that’s such a personal question – but i really meant it. it is those moments of real connection – like you had – that make the more challenging ones (like the cart-racing dude) easier to handle. IF i choose to focus on the authentic/healing ones that is. 🙂

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