Be Willing To Offend People


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To take a stand, to choose a direction, to believe-to be alive in- anything at all, is to engage the dichotomy of worlds.

Someone will disagree. Someone will think your crazy. Someone will pity you. You may even stir the hatred in the rotten core of a festering sickness of soul because the contrast jarrs it awake in somebody else.

Someone else will try to worship at your feet. Someone will think you can save them. Someone will weep at your doorstep, asking for merciful death. You may even stir the eternal being of love in another human, and their love my surpass yours, and bless all the world.

All of them are engaging with one of the infinite facets of the world soul, and you are the one who wears its face, because that is the right medicine for the moment. And people get the chance to heal themselves, to see the unseeableness of their own being, even as a tiny shard of light broken off from the sun.

If you want to find your tribe in this world, you have to become visible. If you want to meet the group of beings that summoned you into your current form, to address a pressing pain, you have to notify them of your arrival.

The tone of your Soul must radiate from your body with enough clarity to activate recognition of original harmony. In a binary-duality world, this harmonic activation notifies its balancing dissonance of its arrival.

So, don’t worry about offending people. Choose to be true before choosing to be “liked.” Choose deep compassion, before choosing to be “nice.” Choose fierce love, before choosing to avoid the projected thoughts of those who cannot know.

In the end, it is you who are accountable for what you have given to the world, and what you have withheld. So love and rage and dance and wail with your whole being.

Don’t worry… someone will be offended.

Laugh, and keep dancing.

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