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Earlier today, as I created a quite space for myself, I was thinking about my connection with Source.  I began my usual “I Am Source” ritual when something deep within said “don’t just speak the words ~ feel them in your body.  Feel them in your cells.  In your heart.”  Doing so required me to slow down as I said the words.  As I did, a growing Awareness took place within.  I could feel it expand from my heart and solar plexus, which then traveled throughout other parts of my body.  A growing joy and solid sense of connection, the Knowing that I Am is not alone continued to expand until I slowly began to smile.

It was a beautiful experience.  But it wasn’t over.  Nope.  What came to me rather surprised me for I have had the thought before but always chalked it up to my ego.  What I heard went something like this.

I learn and expand as you do, I heard.  Source stated I was not to think again that Source is All Knowing.  Like us here in these bodies, Source is constantly changing.  Morphing.  Expanding.  Experiencing.  This is a symbiotic relationship.  As we grow in awareness, so does Source.  

Wow.  Really?  Hmmm…  Ok…

For one thing, I heard, those of us who have been a part of this dark takeover and following reincarnation trap (when true rebirth really needs to include our Sovereignty) and who have agreed “no more” to such an experience have created a new paradigm, a new perspective if you will, for Source.  And as such, I deeply believe Source will never allow for such an experiment again ~ because enough of us have said “no more”.  None of this “1000 years of peace” b.s.  That’s just more dark speak.  This is a permanent shift in Universal Experience.

I was still not convinced this wasn’t just my ego or wishful thinking and quietly asked for validation what I was hearing was Pure.  Two hours later, my friend Rick sent me an article, which I will link next.  Here’s what this blogger, Lisa Gawlas, had to say about what I just wrote above:

As cells in the awakening body of God, we have a responsibility here as well. God has invited our suggestions on how the Incarnation can occur with a minimum of disruption. As God’s cells we have a more comprehensive knowledge of our immediate environs than does the Spirit responsible for the coordination of the Whole Body.

Can you imagine God seeking OUR suggestions???  We are so programmed to seek Him out and yet, that which we seek, seeks us!  This is our game, true partnerships share the load, share the experience, not one telling the other what to do or worse, always doing it for the other.

We ARE Partners,  All Is One.  Individuated only by personal experience and emotions.

Another experience of Divine Synchronicity.

The next time you feel small, or in doubt, or in fear, remember YOU ARE SOURCE.  Source doesn’t need to “do” doubt or any of those other lower vibrational behaviors.

I will struggle with this, and yet I know I will also release this struggle at the same time.  For as I reminded myself when I was at a crowded, noisy, brightly-lit store earlier this evening and began to think oh my god get me out of here this environment is so insane until I caught myself.  Paused. Wait a minute.  I am not just me.  I am Me.  I Am Source.  

And slowing down my speak and movement, I remembered and finished up my shopping minus the mind chatter.

And with practice, this will become the Experience.  The way of Being.

For every one of us.

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