My Wish On This Calendar Day of November 5, 2017


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Writing the days of the week, the time, etc. feels quite superficial to me at this point.  It’s just a construct to keep us out of the Now moment, keeping us in the confines of all of that stuff out there in 3d illusions.

But nonetheless, in this now moment in time, according to the calendars, I have a big wish in my heart I wish to share.  It came through me as I watched a video on one of those alternative news channels.  The moderator was speaking his truth on Michelle Obama.  And while I am not a fan of hers (or the majority of folks in the political arena), she made a good point that was completely dismissed by this person.  Why?

Because she is a Democrat.

No, because she wears the label “Democrat”.  For she cannot be defined by a label alone.

Now, if you were to have put on Ann Coulter and have her say the same words as spoken by Michelle Obama, he would not have had an issue with what she spoke.


I post something about Trump, show him support, I am automatically accused of being a Republican (as though it is a dirty word).  When I have declared I have never voted Republican in my life nor did I vote for Trump, the person doesn’t know how to respond, so they don’t.  And I am quite sure if I were to have posted a comment on the video referred to above, showing support for what Michelle Obama said, I would have been given a label as well… Democrat, Liberal, snowflake, etc.  When this has happened, I say I wear no political labels.  Haven’t voted the two-party system for almost 20 years.  Again, I state this and am met with silence.

Don’t they “get” that this is a chance to open into a new dialogue?  Isn’t it POSSIBLE to let go of the label and just see and feel the situation from being a Pure Being?

A Republican says “x y z” the Democrats attack.  A Democrat says “x y z” the Republicans attack.

ENOUGH of this nonsense.

This division must end.  On all levels.  In every area of our lives, individually and collectively.

Haven’t we had enough?

Aren’t we tired of this wasted energy?

We must see in our own lives where we have participated in the division.

We must see in ourselves where we have created this division within our own selves (ignore the ego and feed the higher self, for example).

What is it we are so afraid of?

Seeing our programming.  For the division IS the programming.

Admitting we have been programmed.

And yet THAT is when we find our TRUE voice.

What is it we want?

What is it that makes us happy?

Answering those two questions ~ let that be enough.

That is when we discover again how alike we all are.



Thank you from the depths of my heart and soul for supporting my work. For at times challenging me and allowing me the opportunity to expand my heart as I continue to embrace my Full Being.

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