Some Words to Ponder On Reclaiming Our Power


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I write this piece every bit as much for myself as I do for you…


I used to read channeled messages and believe in them.

I used to follow folks like ArchAngel Michael and the other “Arch” angels. The Galactic Federation.  Commander Ashtar.  Sheldon Nidle.

My heart wanted their promises NOW and my desperation was so powerful, it made rather silent the Inner Voice that was ringing the b.s. bell.

Read the words of others.  However, please pay attention that you are not “following”.  Following as defined by accepting each word as Truth while dismissing your own inner voice.  Also defined as looking outside of yourself, ultimately, for the answers.  For the truth.

It’s easy to fall for this deception.  Been there – more times than I can count.  Think about it this way.  Many of us who are here for this Ascension Process ~ this journey of awakening to remember and release and heal and return again to Pure Source – we have had it tough.  Much of this third dimensional reality feels foreign to us.  Many have had abuse and health issues, ongoing quite often, and the like which we then choose to isolate ourselves from the world.

Isolation can lead to that state of desperation.  Again, been there – and continue to pull away from that state.

Tell yourself “I Am Source”.  As often as you can.  Even if we don’t “feel” it, keep saying it, as affirmatively as you can.  Say it slowly.  Say it loudly. Say it softly.  Just keep at it until you begin to feel the words in your body. Feel it in your Core.  In your Heart.  Keep at it and you will begin to experience the connection again in your body.  You will know when you have come Home.

One other issue I have dealt with is the need to please.  The need to show others who I feel have wronged me “SEE?  See how RIGHT I am now?  Do you approve of me now?”

D I S E M P O W E R I N G.

The only one there is ever to “please” is thyself.  Ever.  And even that is an illusion for being in our Full Source Power is just about Being and Knowing and Creating from that power.  We don’t stop to make sure we are doing ok or pleasing ourselves.  In Full Alignment we just know and thus Do.

So my personal rule for thyself is this:  I may choose to read these channeled pieces.  My red flags are anything that begins with “dear ones” and any information that says “we are working hard on your behalf”.

Ah, that last one.  We are working hard on your behalf.  So just wait dear one and trust in us.

While I believe we have Source Light Beings helping with this, far too many of these beings aren’t of pure source.  IMHO that is.  Pure Source gives forth energy that empowers.  It doesn’t dangle carrots of “hurry up and wait”.  In fact, as I am seeing and feeling it at this Now moment, I see that our Intentions of Remembering are working with and assisting the TRUE higher dimensional Source Beings.  A collective gathering, building energy that, working also with Cosmic Energies, are all creating the breaking down of the old false matrix energies.  It’s a rather quiet process too.  Not a lot of fanfare.  Just Source Beings DOING from that state.  None of this “lookie what we are doing for YOU.  Just hurry and be patient dear one.”

Does that make sense?  Let me know if it doesn’t.  I have moments I experience such as writing this piece where I FEEL the experience within but really struggle with coming up with words and sentences to explain the experience of knowing I have.

And another thing that I have read and resonate with.  When Source and Higher Self Source communicate with us – it isn’t with words per say.  It is usually with impressions and feelings that we then use our human brain to put into words so ALL of our Being can have the insight.  It’s also supportive. Loving.  Feeeeels gentle.  Solid.

I see the difference today.  I have indeed heard words of a masculine voice – authoritative.  False Light Crap.  Indeed NOT helpful.

ANY words of “we know best” or of doubt or judgment – toss that shit aside.  Say I do not consent to this.  Break down the agreements to follow this stuff.  And as we do, command and intend the return of our own energy we gave away to such agreements.

ANY words of “you are special because you are here to x y z…” – toss that too.  We are all special.  Such language is not Source.  It’s meant to feed on our fear of separation and loneliness and not being enough.  Our need for validation at the expense of going within.  No one is above another.  

Something else I notice ~ when I get a new insight and it feeeels so true and powerful – that inner doubting voice usually says “too good to be true”.

Again, TOSS IT.

Formula:  I receive an inner feeling and knowing that feels Pure and Source and All Possibilities.  Believe it.  Toss out the fear-based programming.  That’s all it is.  Programming.  We all know what fear is. No one escapes falling victim to that program.  But we can all break out of it.

So TOSS IT.  Give it a kiss on the way out.  Say “thank you – but no thank you”.  No need to go into drama over it.  Get to the place where it’s the same energy movement as is throwing away a tissue.  There are no stories surrounding it. 

I will leave you with this:

The mystic is not a special human being ~ every human being is a special kind of mystic.  Br. David Steindl-Rast, OSB


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4 thoughts on “Some Words to Ponder On Reclaiming Our Power”

  1. If this is the second time I commented this please feel free to delete one..things were odd on this end..
    Good evening Miss Victoria~ many things stir. The first that comes to mind is..Y O U are W O R T H Y!! You come from ‘pure Source’ why would you seek it as a ‘destination’ are already there.
    Information you seek and some you don’t is there just as a ‘clearing house’ biggie..some may resonate. for a minute…some is not the source or the ‘channel’ is the ‘information/insight’..they are just opportunities for you to get clearer and clearer..about your own way of being ~ within you as you ~ your own powerful damn self.
    Some of these ”sources’ of information and ideas ..channeled or otherwise..I feel are not being deceptive..they are living their own ‘truth’ at this moment in time for them.
    Now ..clearly ..everyone is not on the same ‘page’ of this time frame..things are happening at warp speed..can’t hang on too ooo long for anything!!!!.
    As time goes start untying that ‘too tight of a shoe’ you have been lace hole at a time..( hey the next time someone cuts me off in traffic..I am gonna call em a”lace hole’ and give them something to think about”:)
    Just one more power point…you do NOT need ANYONE”S approval to be your own amazin’ grace of a human being with a Soul just waiting to get in touch with it’s own juicy self.
    You are everything you want to be in this it..its that it..’no endings…just float on down you well know..upstream is way more energy than I want to spend..I would rather dance…EXHALE~~~~BREATHE~~~~REPEAT~~~~
    You are muy bueno fantastic fine ..just the way you IS~~~BE. C*atherine

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