Yes Dorothy, Life IS Supposed To Be Easy!


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I was such an annoying child.  Well in truth I was deeply curious and wanted to know WHY to everything.  In fact, when I was around 3, long car trips with me would annoy my parents so much, they would bring along those jujyfruit candies.  They were chewy and long-lasting, making it difficult for me to talk.  Today I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over that.

It’s just Who I Was.

So the questions continued until I had heard “Oh Victoria you…” (fill in the blank) enough times that many of my bubbles and observations became an inward experience.

The questions, however, didn’t slow down.

I can remember wondering why my daddy had to spend all day doing things he hated.  Why did he have to be gone so many hours of the day? And what was this “retirement” I kept hearing him talk about, hearing enough that I learned this “retirement” thing would bring him relief and happiness.

Why couldn’t he have retirement now, I wondered.

And why did we have to pay to eat?  And have a house?  And keep ourselves warm?  Why?  I didn’t get it.  (Thankfully I was never forced to go to church, thanks to a dad who despised religion and saw the hypocrisy of it or else I would have had some very strong thoughts on that deal – even as a young child).  And why did I have to sit at a desk and memorize things I ended up forgetting?  (However, I learned the desk could be used as a nice place to nap.)  And why oh why did I have to get these shots to make me healthy?  I thought someone had told me God gave me an immune system to keep me healthy.

I can remember one moment in my teen years when I finally burst out, “Screw this!  Life is supposed to be EASY!”  I was young but I KNEW it in every cell of my body that I was speaking a profound truth.

That earned me, uh, zero support.  lol  Just more looks.  (Yes, I do drink a special kind of kool-aid.)

The questions kept coming until I exited the public school system.  Oh so thankful the indoctrination didn’t silence my curiosity or my mouth.

It was in my mid-20’s when the visions began to accompany the questions.

A way of living that was, easy.  E A S Y.

Tribal living.  Technology that kept us off the grid.

We grew our own foods.

There was no money and no need for it.

We were vibrant and healthy.

We had healers.

And yehaw, some of us could fly and travel anywhere we wanted – IN OUR OWN BODIES.  Or with flying cars.

Governments?  Didn’t see any of that.

War?  Nope.  No need (see the above).

It wasn’t as though there weren’t problems or challenges.  There were. However, they were solvable ~ with little effort.  (Remove the middle man, bot drama and laws that violate our Sovereignty and solutions are easy to employ.)

At the time I was both excited and perplexed.  It felt so familiar to my body, I knew I was not only seeing the future but also the past.

However, I was also perplexed because, still only in my 20’s, looking around at the outer world, such a way of life seemed impossible.

Today, I obviously hold an altogether different perception.

This way of living is not only possible but an absolute.

For we learn NOTHING useful when we struggle.  When we suffer.  When we get sick.


This is why I get annoyed as anything at some of the Spiritual Community who fall for the trap of “suffering is necessary for growth.”


Much of human suffering is unnecessary for it is caused by the very systems of darkness that create it to begin with.  Disease.  Poverty.  Divide and conquer.  Indoctrination of lies in our schools and churches.  GMO’s. Chemtrails.  Pollution in our water and foods and air.  And lastly, the strands of DNA that geneticists like to call “junk dna” which of course as we know by now were really turned off and altered by off-world beings who robbed us of our way of Being and put in things like the cancer cells and viruses and gave us their lovely reptilian brain and blah blah blah. You all know the story.

Remove ALL of this darkness and restore us to Sovereignty and Health and Tribal Living and you will eliminate almost every bit of suffering.

And hey, isn’t that a much better way to Live as Christ Conscious Beings?

So those in the Spiritual Community, you can go ahead and let yourselves suffer away, thinking you are somehow advancing and learning.

I myself prefer to have the damn Truth of Who I Am fully returned and the freedom and means to live as I outlined above with my Tribe.


Without intrusion or hassle.

A life where pushing the “Easy” button is not just some annoying commercial but a Reality.



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