You Will Now Experience New Chapters with Endings Different Than Imagined

Editor’s note: If you read my daily notes piece tonight, you will see where I get messages in the shower.  One of the messages I received tonight was “your next phase is not going to turn out the way you expect.”  Then I heard I will be guided – no worries – just let it all flow.  When I came across this article, with this title above, just a couple hours later, I knew this was Universal validation.  You see I have been feeling quite stuck in a couple of areas in my life and have had these plans to turn it around.  However, as I am beginning to feel, as painful as it is (it is a mourning process), it is imperative to let go of expectations, even hopes and dreams and plans and just BE.  And yes, I know the pain of letting go of dreams, especially ones we have had for years if not decades.  I know the frustration all to well of making plans to change this or that only to see affirmative results.  Oh god do I know that frustration.  I am experiencing all of this right now and the pain is very deep and very very real.  However, there is a freedom in there with that pain.  Perhaps my dreams aren’t big enough.  Perhaps they are changing as I do.  Perhaps my plans aren’t the only ones or the best ones for me.  I don’t know the answer to this yet, just that I know life keeps saying to BE.  In the Now.  And let it all flow.  

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan, 08/25/2016

I am a reflection of all of your faces.  I am a light that exists through space and time, not to be shackled, not to be corralled, and not to be pegged into any one spot.  As I peer out through the clouds, I ask you to wink back at me as you see in fullness with eyes beyond the optic.  The un-doing of you is what you have been born for.  Allow this un-doing to be completed, as you are unraveled from the very epics of self that have so long been your truth.  You will now experience new chapters with endings different than you ever imagined and ever pondered in the past. 

I am where light bends.  I have the ability to help you see around the next corner of your experience, the next corner of your thought, the next corner of your day.  Look ahead – but not in a straightened fashion.  For the world as you know it, bends to the left of itself.  It is at that point of intersection that history may or may not repeat itself.  It is at that bend in the refraction of life that you all sit.  Perception influences all.  If your perception shifts in accordance with your light encodings, with your heart-felt understanding and love, then your world cannot run astray.  That is how and where you bend in space and time at this appropriate intersection.  Truth only exists when it has a host.  If you do not invite another’s truth into your den, it will have no place to slumber.  Be aware; be very aware of the truths that you allow to spend the night in your heart. 

Listen for the truths that speak to you that do not come from human lips.  Listen as all life embeds itself within your cellular structure.  Listen as light from the stars whispers to you in your sleep with words that you spoke hundreds of light years before.  At this intersection of time and space the light bends. 

The light that shines behind the light, peers out through its reflection, initiating to those who are willing to see, what is yet to come.  The gifts unfold as mummified wrappings, layer by layer.  What is seen is not real.  What is real can only be felt with the senses and not seen as a solid object.  Much moves about in your day that you bump elbows with, but know not that it exists.  Much moves about in your heavens, but you see it not with the bold blue backdrop. 

I am the essence that is known as the Great Attractor.  I call back to myself, all that has been created.  As Creation is pulled back into itself, it changes form over and over again until ultimately it is pure energy.  This is the same ability that you hold inherently.  As you call back to you all light and life, it changes form in accordance with your perceptions.  Formlessness only requires form when it is needed.  If your world feels as if is collapsing upon it self, know that the form is calling itself back home into formlessness.  Do not hold on to what wishes to become light in your thinking, in your world, and in your expectations. [italics are mine to emphasize the importance of these words – very similar to what i wrote above]. I leave you with these thoughts.

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