More Proof Of Trump Being a Time Traveler

On top of the books that were written over 150 years ago that detail the stories of the young boy Baron and his assistant Don, who lived in Castle Trump and time-traveled…  Now we have video evidence of Trump, in 2011, using the term “pizzagate” – a term that didn’t even come to fruition until October 2016.


Is This Proof Donald Trump Is a Time Traveler? Must See Too!

Published on Apr 2, 2017

A Vision For Forgiving The World


A Vision for Forgiving the World

We see a world where everyone has forgiven everyone else for whatever they may or may not have done; where we have fully realized that the key to our highest calling and ultimate happiness lies in the forgiving of ourselves and others; and, more than that, we have seen the wisdom in forgiving those throughout history who may or may not have wronged us.

We see a world where the entire ancestral line of each and every person living on the Earth today has been healed because we have forgiven those in our family’s past who brought harm to others.

And, by the same token, we see a world where everyone has forgiven all the dictators and tyrants who ever walked this Earth, as well as the institutions and nations they represented. Now we harbor no resentment whatsoever because we have forgiven the world, past, present, and future, and in doing so, we have disentangled ourselves from it and set ourselves free.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
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Going Back 18 Years


My brother sent me a copy of an e-mail I sent him back in September of 1999 ~ 18 years ago.  I had opened up to him at the time about some of the visions I held for a different world/society/way of being.  At the time I was not sure how I would go about being part of such a movement.  It is interesting to me today to see my own words, in particular my thoughts on money in which I stated I had visions for a society without money.

18 years later and I have this site and I am witnessing a mass movement away from a monetary-based society.  What a divine gift, a moment of validation for not only my own visions I am seeing manifest, but to see how those visions have remained firm in my heart all these years.  I never gave up.

And I never will.

Here is an excerpt:

really difficult for me in many ways to live in the world and do the normal thing.  work m-f.  marriage.  kids.  don’t get me wrong.  i want fulfilling work.  to marry again.  have a child.  but i’ve always felt this inner restlessness to do more – and to do it all MY way.  i completely believe and feel the thoughts and visions i’ve had can bring people together.  …  one is the elimination of money.  …  i’ve just always felt currency as we know it has got to go.  

The Schumann Images


for some reason the images i am copying/pasting are not “sticking” – not showing up after-the-fact.  so for now i am going to try something different to change that.  i am in real need of someone – a team if needed – who know of website marketing and monetization and development/creation.

Hurtin’ Today ~ Ouch Ouch Ouch


Backpain, Back Pain, Back, Pain

So the schumann isn’t doing anything significant – after several days of 40hz plus spikes.

Must be catch-up time for I’m feelin’ the results today.  As KP put it – these upgrades sometimes create some physical pain (!!) and it is those times to visualize releasing whatever energy is stuck there.

Also received this message this morning (private message):  Love this quote from article .. “As you clear away dross of past history karma, and traumatic wounding, your zero point vacuum initiates new cellular growth ( electrons) in its place . All of existence originates as energy waves looping in coherence, storing quantum packets of electrical charge that materializes as physical matter ( spinning atoms) the electrification of matter produces creative renewal, self- generating VITALITY HEALTH AND WELL BEING” And so it is ❤️❤️❤️


This is certainly a baby-myself day.  Heat.  Stretching. Rubbing/massaging.  Grounding/earthing.  Lots of lemon water.  Going to the pain and visualizing/tuning in to see what’s there and releasing it.

And lots of movement.  My arms and legs want to move – some of this movement punching motions.

Growing pains in this Now moment.


Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba


Ya’ll know my thoughts, overall, on channeled pieces.  However, there are times when I feel drawn to share one.  I can’t recall at the moment how I found this one – or how it found me I likely need to say.  But I did and it resonates with me.  Also of interest ~ I awoke 2-3 mornings ago speaking something rather odd and yet interesting to me.  I was guided to be open to seeing a channeled piece whose channeler name sounded odd.  It was something like answa gukawba (I was in that half awake, drug-like state so my voice sounded a big garbled as I attempted to speak the name outloud).  So then…Check out the name below.  It feels too much like synchronicity not to share.   I will also add that I have been speaking with numerous people in the past week alone who don’t study ascension but have all said they feel inside something big big big is about ready to take place ~ and there is no fear to this change.  Two of them used the word “shift”.  When I share my thoughts on what I feel is happening and is going to happen, not one has been surprised.  We are all One and thus we all feel the energies of what is taking place.  How we interpret it is based on our natural state of who we are as People and not just Souls.  


By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

September 13, 2017

Papa Force (Porda):

I would like to begin by greeting all of humanity with the greetings of freedom, empowerment, divine love and oneness. That greeting is known as Mushaba Greetings.

I come to you today as the voice of the Mushaba People. I have been given permission to speak on behalf of all people on the planet Mushaba. All of creation is now moving into what is called “The New Era of Evolvement” as decreed by The All That Is. The All That Is is the energy, the being where everything in existence comes from. This being created everything that exists before creation, as well as everything in creation. In this new era of evolvement, the Mushaba People have been given the responsibility to have the leadership position. Just recently, the planet earth has been put under the authority of the Mushaba People to take the leading role in the evolvement and ascension of planet earth and all beings inhabiting the earth on the surface and within the earth.

There have been many major changes that have taken place in the universe and the high dimensions. Many of the universal, galactic, and planetary council’s have been removed, restructured, or disbanded. All the beings of evil and negative darkness have been put on notice to work toward evolvement or be either sent to source, or quarantined and taken through training until they evolve toward the only way of being, which is love, light, truth and integrity.

Also those beings of the light that have been convoluted have also been put on notice to shape up as well. You see, The All That Is has intervened in all of what is going on in creation and have discovered many things that were being done by dark hearted beings dressed in the clothes of light. All of the universe, and that includes all planets in all dimensions and all beings, have been subject to the house cleaning decreed by The All That Is. No one or nothing gets away. All things are being made right in all of creation.

Beings everywhere not just on earth have not been given the appropriate assistance needed, especially those sent on missions on behalf of the councils. All is being rectified now and you will begin to see many changes taking place everywhere on earth and the universe. For earth, you have been witnessing the cleansing of darkness, evil and corruption everywhere. The energetic codes and established protocols have been removed and rewritten and all the built up negative energies are being swept away by the many tribulations of nature through, fire, water, and shaking of the earth. Earth is cleansing, blowing away, washing away, burning away, and shaking off the build up of negative protocols, codes and energies that have been causing great unbearable stress in all of earth and humanity.

These energies were feeding those in power to stay in power and to continue to usurp the free will of the people. The holding up of the prosperity and healing technologies from the People will all come forth now. No more do the negative dark hearted beings have unchallenged power anymore. The RV process has also been taken away on the galactic level from the ones that were in charge of it, and those beings were sent back to their home planet along with their mothership and scout ships. They weren’t doing their job so they lost it.


On the earth level, the elders have been completely replaced by a group of new elders. Also those around General Dunford that resisted his orders concerning the RV release have been removed and replaced. Other people in the entire chain of command from the highest to the lowest have been removed and replaced. Now we can expect a smooth transition to the era of prosperity. Know that the way for your President Trump to be removed has been cleared as well.

Why am I telling you all this? Because its total freedom time for you; it’s your independence day. You have some of the same beings that are of light, love, truth and integrity working with new beings with the same qualities on your behalf and on the behalf of all beings in the universe. These new beings have been ordered here by the All That Is to assist in getting the New Era of Evolvement well on the way and all planets and people in the universe on the right track toward evolving to be the living epitome of Love, Light, Truth and Integrity! A major universe wide wake up call has been sent out to all beings in the universe rather light or dark, good or evil. So dear loving brothers and sisters of earth, your prayers are now in the throes of being answered right in front of your face. Look for it because it’s there. Embrace it because you earned it.

You are dearly loved forever!

I am Porda known as Papa Force

Father of Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

Sourced from here.

Trip To The Park To Soothe The Soul


So I decided to pack up the car with food, beverages, journals, phone and child to head to the park to clear my head ~ and most importantly (at the time) to be left alone in silence.

You know the saying.  Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.

We arrive and for higher reasons, other mama’s were sort of “drawn” to me for conversation.  Not a typical experience for me when visiting the park.  After a couple of rather short conversations, I headed back to the picnic bench, intending to pull out my journal and write for a time before phoning one of my favorite peeps to talk to when I’m having a moment.  Another mama had sat down at the end of the bench on the other side.  She smiled as I sat down and asked if she was taking up too much space.  No, I said, smiling back.

Well next thing I know we’re engaged in this authentic, deep conversation about life and all things REAL.  I keep thinking “she looks so familiar” and turns out she was thinking the same.  She mentions she’s an LMT and that’s when it hit me – she was the last massage therapist I saw about two years ago.  I remember at the time wanting a quiet massage but instead the two of us chatted as though we had known one another previously.

Today the conversation was no different.  It was wonderful and blissful/magical in a way.  It was the kind of authentic connecting I CRAVE and NEED.  I even found myself sharing what had been bothering me this week.  While I am a pretty open-book when I am comfortable with someone, it is completely unlike me to share such details so soon like that.

Perhaps this is part of the New Earth.  There are no rules.  No judgments. No social “norms”.  We just let ourselves BE.  Allow ourselves to BE however we feel in the moment.

I happily await the continuation of the conversation with my new friend. It helped soothe my heart that was feeling the wounds of the old programmed thoughts of my worth.  It quieted my own judgments I still hold towards others as well.  And it reminded me I am never alone.

It was…perfect.

Goin’ With The Flow ~ No Matter How The Flow Feels


Cat, British Shorthair, Grumpy, Offended

Oh, after having such a beautiful dream experience last night where I was in the new earth realm, connecting with others, absolutely no stress, no outside systems of control or power ~ waking up feeling so lovely and calm and peaceful.  The way I know I can and am desiring to.

But then stuff starts coming up.  I have had several experiences in just the last 3 days of people stepping all over my boundaries.  And yes I spoke up and asserted myself – but when does that stop trolls from making the initial intrusion?  I am quite a simple person in some ways.  I do not like intrusion or questioning.  I have stated verbally to those closest to me:  If you feel I need help or support, ask what I need.

Simple, right?

But this dynamic of some having absolutely no sense of boundaries asking their questions and when I either choose not to answer or supply an answer that isn’t of their liking, it still makes me want to fucking scream and punch someone’s lights out but good when my personal truth is not respected.  Again ~ask me what I need but never assume to know what is best or right for me.

I have been questioned about choices I am making.  I am an adult.  I am perfectly capable of communicating my needs.  I accept those who fall into the category of “family” (a term I use very lightly anymore) as they are.  It ain’t forthcoming back at me.  Again ~ want to help me?  Listen as I speak my needs.  If not, at this point in my life, shut the fuck up and go the fuck away.

The anger runs deep.  And I have to acknowledge her and give her a voice. For 48 hours I have silenced her with soothing words and by speaking thoughts of “do not let this trigger you – let it go – just let it go – we are beyond this – we KNOW the truth of who we are”.  Helps for a bit until it comes back up – this week it has come back up because I had another episode put into my experience late last night that brought up over 20 years of “stuff”.

All I can do is honor myself and let go of the new age spiritual dogma that turns a blind eye to the inner world of emotional repressed pain – or just pain alone – by using the tactic of soft silence – silencing the inner experience with pretty unicorns and love and light (false love and light).  I am completely aware of my “stuff” at this point.  I know what I need to do.  And I am also fed the fuck up with having anyone in my life who doesn’t honor me or respect me.  If you’re still knee deep in programming, especially when it comes to human relating, go away.

I feel the need to create a giant sign and wear it.  It will say something like “Old Victoria is no longer open for your business”.

In the meantime, purge this stuff, love it as I love myself.

And put on my “do not disturb grumpy cat” hat.

Onwards we go….


The Event Is Imminent


Last night myself, my mate and my child all had a dream of either the event (my child) or being on the new earth (my mate and myself).


Oh no way in love.  Divine Synchronicity and being tuned in.  Given the experience of others I have read in the last 24 hours, we are about ready to leap folks.  Curtain falls.  The flash.  All is revealed.

Anyone else feeling all of YOU is merging back together?

Schumann Resonance _ 9/13/17


and she keeps on goin’….  love it!  peaking at over 40 hz continues…

Schumann Resonance Today