sometimes i have no title.

today the word of the day is “weary”.  bone tired weary.  throat, mouth, head issues continuing.  what’s the point in talking about any of “that” though?  does it end?  switch?  i read today “you are never alone – call on creator and guides for help”.  really?  i call and get a bz signal these days.

sooooooo not into this halloween gig.  a challenge with a young child.  so we pull it together and do the trick or treating thing.


surreal to me in a way.  i used to completely get into this day.  costume. decorations.  treats.  music.  the whole shebang.  it was once my favorite “holiday”.

today?  i could care less.  literally have zero interest in this day.

a challenge when all around you are dressed up, excited parents wanting to celebrate, giddy to take their little ones trick or treating.

again, how i used to be.

but not today.  and i mean nothing in me wants to “do” this holiday.

i have once again begun imagining this house i have seen in my dreams and visions for over 10 years.  i can feel it now so easily.  it feels like it is just “right there” off to my left or off to my right – i just need the access code or however it is i am to “get there”.  today i smelled it.  deeply felt how it “feels” to “be there” ~ feeling a part of me already is there.

i know.  it makes no sense to me.  then again nothing is making sense to me at the moment.  other than a warm bed, fire in the fireplace and quiet.




loads of support and abundance ~ so much so, I am overwhelmed and overjoyed at the same time.

not THAT is a feeling/experience i welcome.

that is all for now.

merry happy boo and all that ~



Reader Message ~ Love Will Always Find A Way

Received via e-mail from Deane at  Check out his site!
Morning World – Seems I Am Plugged In Somewhere!
Today’s Ramblings 🙂
This journey has always been about self…nothing more or less. Once our true self has been discovered, we disseminate what is true for ourselves. From that truth we gain an ideal view of all that is, and the bigger picture for our own life journey.  When we begin to label or categorise our own soul we add another layer of duality.  This is the exact situation we are evolving from…which translates into “old beliefs and paradigms” being broken, to bring in the new.
There will always be certain aspects of old ideals and thoughts within us which can be merged with the new to form a proper foundation in which to move forward.  This is our own personal evolution and soul journey.  If we remain closed to new ideals, philosophies or practices, and others experience or truth we become stuck in the old.  There are no rule books or manuals which to follow, yet there are many who profess to offer the instant cure or solution, whether it be in kind or in return for a fee.
In some cases it has become a business and an income stream, and one in which there is competition and all the commercial aspects of an industry.  Those that rely on the income will naturally defend their views and opinions; it appears those that share in service are open to new discoveries that simply add a new dimension to an evolving theology.
This is a natural thing, for it is through experience alone we explore consciousness more clearly, and can tap into the higher consciousness of all that is.  In my opinion there are many aspects of the journey we will never understand, or are not meant to understand…for knowing when and where the happy ending takes place, defeats the purpose of living the experiences in the first place.  We shall embrace all versions for there are lessons in all we allow ourselves to open up to.
Division only causes destruction, and with so much disinformation and differing views the only truth we can and shall rely on is our own.  Each of us is unique, and we all have access to the higher consciousness. Those that choose to let go of everything except their own  truth will reach a level of consciousness of simply being and knowing, as well as in the here and now.  Through the merging of old with the new we are cocreating something very special, which, no matter which label we choose to elect, is surely the whole reason we are here in the first place.
Dismantling what is essentially an illusion allows us to truly grasp who we are, where we have been leading to and the knowing of  why we are here and our purpose.  Let’s take it back to simplicity, to the core of who we are, and that is unconditional love. What ever we create from here on is something of the purest creation and form, which can only mean it is for our highest good and that of our home too, Gaia.
Our goal is the unification of the highest version of our true self, with the highest consciousness we can tap in to.
Only through Unity will we achieve wonderous things; whether as an idividual or as a collective.  It is that belief we shall hold fast in our bodies, hearts and minds, because that is our driving force of the future. The future is here today, it is available for all, and it is at our fingertips.
It is this I hold within me for that is the essence I am and ever shall ever be. I am an evolving form of love that is the most incredible energy I can manifest. It is this essence that is my driving force and it is a pleasure to share it with others. Through a pure connection of love miracles will happen, because love always finds a way 🙂
Thank you for reading, Until the next time ❤

A Couple of Timeline Anomalies Experienced Today


Interestingly enough, both of them were bicyclists which made me think how much of this realm is projected holograms…

The first I experienced at the breakfast table.  I was looking out the window, watching people walk by.  I then noticed a guy on a bike ride by. I have seen him before.  He takes this route likely on his way to the University.  I go back to eating, glance up and there he is again – same guy – same bike – traveling the same direction, same side of the street.

Now that’s interesting, I thought.  When you have these experiences, after awhile, you tend to think “ok, interesting but also part of the norm these days”.

Later in the day, my girl and I head out for some errands.  As I exited the parking lot at our last location, I started to turn left as I normally do. Something told me to turn right and take the long way home.  I listened.

As I turned left up the hill to head home, I noticed a guy on a bike (again), at the stop sign at the bottom of the hill. He had on a bright red jacket and I remember his fact was quite angular.  As I head up the hill, I notice another guy coming my way on a bike, on my left.  He had on a bright red jacket and his face was angular.  Whoa, I thought – either this guy has a doppelganger or I am experiencing another timeline hop.  Or matrix glitch.

Or something else.  I don’t know what to call these things.

But I am having them.

Twice in one day today.

Anyone else watching the stars lately, having a strong impression that suddenly they’re going to start moving visibly (while I point and say “SEE I TOLD YA IT’S ALL FAKE!”)?  That began for me a few weeks ago although I also had the feeling last summer.  My mate says he’s having the same feeling/thought lately as well.

That’s all for now – “for now” being the key words.  




The Goddess Is Tired


A little stream of consciousness fifted from my mind earlier in the day…


going through my mind now.
this going it on your own is programming.
this pull yourself up is programming.
this do it your own.
live alone.
live in isolation.
no original tech
the goddess needs help.
the goddess needs her tribe of people.
who work together of one heart one mind one creation
each working with our own uniqueness to keep the Whole going.
growing food.
tending to.
guiding our children.
for i have had this type of life/existence…
and it makes me sick inside knowing i do not have this
the memories are getting stronger
so i can have it once again NOW
not just as a memory
but as a reality
for we once were this way
and we are called to be this way again
and not just experience it as a memory only.

Schumann Resonance ~ 10/30/2017 ~ And A Bit of Sharing…


Quieter today, which is interesting as I am feeling my heartache I have carried through this lifetime – and most likely all previous lifetimes after this manipulated “fall”.  This realm is the hell we read about and those of us who remember Paradise (while in physical form) know it.  Many of us have carried the thought and the feelings around “I want to go home” and many of us have been chastised for it, judged, told Home is always within when we KNOW it is much more than that.  We are not little islands. Playing these games of illusion – which is what they are – games – not based on any Truth as to who we really are – are over for us.  We know we can no longer participate.  We know what we want and desire.  The return of what was stolen, taken from us.  There is no work to do other than to accept where we are, who we are and help one another heal until we break out of this false paradigm (which yes can be any moment now, right??!!).

I awoke this morning after having such a beautiful dream where I had followed something my heart longed for.  The results in my feeling body were beautiful and open.  At least I am thankful the wall of anger around my heart has opened again and the beauty of pain that comes through tears is felt.

I am Amazing.  I only wish I had begun to remember/know that decades ago.

The Void


I skimmed a piece last night on being in the void ~ that space where nothing is going on.  The space where one feels in between worlds, where one feels they have let go of old stuff and are waiting on something to come along.

In my go-to space of receiving higher stuff (my bathroom), today I received some info on that void space I feel I am in.  And others too apparently.  First to validate with a judgment – the experience sucks.

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I thought about my child. When we organize her room, I like to make more space.  She will seem to enjoy the “more room” for awhile but then she wants to fill it up with more stuff.  She does not get this from me – I like space and clutter can send me into a tizzy.  Ok that’s interesting – as I typed the word “space” suddenly the words began to move on my screen as if in a wave formation.

Matrix glitching?  GOOD!  lol  End it!

Anyway, so I thought about my little one and received insight that I am more like her than I realize.  I do not like empty space in my mind.  When I feel I have let something go and am ready to move on, I wanna move on. YESTERDAY.  See Higher Self?  See Universe?  See this beautiful empty space I have created in my mind?  In my life?  Well come on let’s fill ‘er up again with some new experiences, people, thoughts.

Maybe part of transforming, part of “going on” is about BEING in that void.  That space of emptiness.  Nothing going on.  Nothing new to look forward to.  Nothing old to hold onto.  Just pure BEING of absolute NOTHINGNESS.  I have become used experiencing those moments of pure Being for moments here and there.  But this is different.  There is an empty feeling that I am not enjoying so much.


And so I own and embrace my resistance and follow my inner self which is saying the Schumann is today having a huge impact on me and my desire to DO is NIL.  When I am honest, this past week, I have not wanted to socialize.  Have not wanted new projects.  My gathering with my Shaman did not work out for this weekend and inside I was relieved.

So that’s where I am.  Typing this and sharing this was an effort so I am going to finish up and say, “until next time…”


p.s. ~ dinner ideas – quick and easy and healthy ~ are a bonus right now. What I wouldn’t give for a food replicator right about now…

Schumann ~ 10/29/17


Bring it.  Get it done.  Pull back the curtain.  End the illusion.


Diane Canfield ~ FB Post on Portals/Doorways Opening


Beloveds, An example of my clairvoyant psychic occurrences. Last night I was sitting in my recliner as my husband was giving me a foot rub ( swollen ascension ankles) and as I was watching him I saw a door within a door appear next to me where the door to the room is. An imterdimensional door with the characteristics of a higher dimension. I will always look twice as these psychic experiences take place and sometimes they stay, and sometimes they disappear fast. This experience tells me watch for changes happening quickly now in reality. That doorways are appearing that were not there before for us all to walk through. I can get these kind of messages daily  As I said in my post last week, big things are coming 
 – Love Diane
Psychic | Ascension Teacher | Alien Races Contactee | Energy Expert

Sourced from here.

Trump Confirms: “All JFK Files Are Released”


Good move.  Now release all of the suppressed and hidden tech and allow us access to the accounts created without our knowledge worth trillions.  Prosperity for ALL…NOW.  


Update: Following Friday’s disappointing release of some, but not all, remaining files related to the death of President John F. Kennedy, President Trump just confirmed, via tweet, that the rest of the files are released, well ahead of schedule…

JFK Files are released, long ahead of schedule!

Of course, given that this is the government – and the government does not work weekends – the files are unlikely to be released on to the official National Archives site until Monday.

This appears to be a victory for Trump in his never-ending battle with the intelligence agencies.

*  *  *

As we detailed earlier, The Deep States’ ‘war’ with President Trump may sink from the headlines every so often, but there is little doubt that it continues to bubble away, battle after battle. This week’s delayed, reduced… and now soon-to-be-complete release of the rest of the previously classified JKF files is yet another clash with the spy agencies… and this time President Trump may have won…


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Go-To Song: To Us From Source And All We Are


Feeling the energy through the words of this song.  Needing a little loving “push” today…