This Morning’s Sunrise Captures


It seems to me there is more than one sun in these images.  Direction is due east, ranging from south to north.  Anyway, enjoy!

Signs You’re Not Depressed ~ You’re Just Surrounded By Assholes




“Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.”
William Gibson
1. Assholes Are Happy With Their Stupidity…
They are more than happy to dwell gloriously in their stupidity and “teach” others about something that they know nothing about.
2. Assholes Are Obnoxious And Loud…
Most of the assholes I’ve met were not able to hold a proper conversation. They didn’t understand the ‘give’ and ‘take’ that a conversation requires.
They take-over, shout, monologue, and invade your personal space as if the world revolves around them, and they are the only ones that have something interesting to say.
3. Assholes Are Selfish Bullies…
Assholes are just selfish.
They dismiss other’s opinions and values for they care only about their own.
They even ridicule other people’s feelings and ideas, only to make themselves feel important as if their ideas and feelings are the only right ones.
How can you help and heal yourself?
Assholes can be found everywhere: in your school, among your closest friends, your emotional partners, or among family members.
The best you can do is to be honest with yourself and see people’s true colors and not your idealized picture of them. Starting to recognize assholes is the first step to getting your self-esteem back and start the healing process.
Taking action is the second step that you need to take. Even if the asshole is your cousin or your sister, even though you cannot change that fact, you can always take action and remove yourself from their presence, or at least reduce their presence in your life.
Then, start taking care of yourself. Eat well, get enough sleep, get a new hobby… anything that makes you happy. Be strong and love yourself. Don’t let assholes ruin the wonderful relationship that you have with yourself.

Destroying The Illusion ~ The Storm is Getting Stormier/SkyKings/Help From Above?


Been listening to his intel daily…


11.7 – Storm is Getting Stormier/SKYKINGS/Help From Above?

Experience With Sacred Tree


Forest, Sunlight, Trees

Today has been an unusual day energetically speaking.  At one point I felt I was purging my own stuff, another point, the collective.  I could feel the energies breaking down in the masses, the perceptions being challenged, all of the old programming crumbling.  If this crumbling is not allowed into ones Being/being, the upcoming weeks are going to be extremely painful.  Can anyone say cognitive dissonance breakdown?

Yes, that is what I felt.

So I knew it was time for me to head out on a walk and move this energy through my body and get it out.  No real desire to play the empath role any longer.  Headsets on, I began the walk with a lot of physical movement.  Playing on my voice recorder was a recording of an awesome funky dance tune.  I wanted to dance. Why not, I thought.  So I broke out in dance movements.  I twirled.  Funked down.  Walked backwards down the sidewalk.  Sang out loud.

Totally and completely embarrassed my child, but as I say “at times that is my job to keep you aware I am a human being and not just a mama”.

In time we came to the path that leads to my Sacred Tree.  As we approached, I did the usual greeting.  Placed my hand on her.  I felt she wanted me to lean into her, with my back, so I did that.  Felt very nice to feel so supported that way.  Oh how I am ready to let go of all of that isolation and feeling like I am doing far too much of this experience alone. I began to think about wanting and needing my tribe.  As I had that thought, I heard her say “do one of your ceremonies for me”.

What a beautiful request, I thought.  I was very willing to comply.

So I turned around, stepped back a foot or so and intuitively put my arms out at their side.  I imagined I had my tribe standing there with me, holding hands, making a circle around the tree.  Upon doing this, my cells began to vibrate.  Memories returning of how I once did this so long ago.

And how I so long to do this again.

Tears formed and easily fell.  I hummed a tune and sent her my energy.  I thought “we did this to give back to our trees for the energies they give to us, for the shelter they provide us”.  I had a knowing appear again where I knew we are supposed to live surrounded by trees.  We are ONE with them. I have had this “knowing” for over 20 years.

This is why, in the new realm, I have continuously seen my house being surrounded by this beautiful, lush forest of tall pines.

With that I said my good-bye.  As I walked away I felt “see you on the other side.”

Ok then.

Until next time…




Destroying The Illusion ~ Storm Update


Awesome coverage and analysis.  I was not aware that the Saudi’s were involved in funding child trafficking.  Big stuff going on peeps…


11.6 – Storm Update – Trump reads 4chan?/MK Ultra Patsies/Delonge Disclosure

An Insightful…Comical Question


The Shaman I am working with contacted me tonight about a recent energy session she performed for me (at a distance).  I had sent her a photo of me that showed an unusual orb on a part of my body.  I wanted her take on it.  So she did a journey work around it, found it highly unusual and said what she encountered was unlike anything she had ever seen before.  She said around me was a very powerful, very loving Being who was sending me the energy for healing.  It was the question she asked me next that both moved me deeply while also causing me to burst out laughing:

“Do you happen to have a strong connection with the galactics and star beings?”

WHO ME??!!!

Related image




WSO ~ Sun-Like Object Rising in East While Sun Sets In West


Me thinks we have been moved to the new realm and it slowly reveals itself.  My girl painted a picture this morning and it had 3 suns.  She said “that’s because the new earth has 3 suns”.  I’m wondering if this is what I experienced tonight in the photos I captured.  Something was indeed causing such a strong glow in the eastern sky as the sun set…


BREAKING – Sun-Like Object Rising in East – While Sun Setting In WEST!

Published on Nov 4, 2017

The Light Reports ~ State of the World


State Of The World

Published on Nov 6, 2017

Sky Capture Taken Today


Something was causing this glow behind the clouds at sunset.  This was due East.

Another shot, ENE, taken about 20 minutes prior to the shots captured above.  What was interesting was that in the SW sky, where the sun was actually setting, and there were clouds, the sky was really subdued.

All The Elite Hypocrisy Revealed By the Paradise Papers So Far


I have long felt Bono was nothing more than a puppet for the agenda(s) of the elite…  And I seem to have under-estimated the energies of these papers…  I stand corrected. 


People who claim to want to eradicate poverty in “helping to perpetuate it” shocker.

There are a number of reasons why you might want to put your money in an offshore fund, but chief among them has to be the offer of secrecy. After all, who wants other people getting all up in their financial affairs? It must be more than slightly annoying, then, that the inner workings of the world’s leading offshore law firms keep getting leaked to the world’s media.

The latest leak goes by the name of the Paradise Papers – a reference to the idyllic nature of the world’s most tax efficient jurisdictions. More than 13 million files from two offshore service providers and the company registries of 19 tax havens were obtained by German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and scrutinised by news outlets including the BBC and the Guardian.

The findings shine a light on the financial affairs of some of the world’s biggest businesses and most prominent political figures. While investing in offshore tax havens can be done perfectly legally, there are also suggestions that – and you might want to sit down for this – some members of the global super-rich, including those who espouse the values of opportunity and transparency, might be involved in some dodgy dealings. The 2015 leak of the Panama Papers led to the downfall of prime ministers in Iceland and Pakistan, so who knows where this might end up.

Here’s a rundown of revelations from the Paradise Papers so far.

Bono bought a Lithuanian shopping centre