Rick Jewers Energy Update


Not so much into the “testing” issue ~ Source doesn’t “test” any of us as Experiencing/Creating as a Source Being is not a school.  However I do relate to what I call “poking the mama bear” and I feel it could be from the collective, from pesky entities and/or from the general overall KNOWING that we are Instant Manifester’s so this “hurry up and be patient” is a struggle for us all as it is NOT a part of Who We Are.  Lots of stopping, deep-breathing and then refocusing.  




Many of You are being tested of strength at this time, these tests will have a very short duration of no more than hours for You. The Dark are immensely AFRAID and they are trying everything to no avail. Stand fully in Your Light and utilize Your Gifts and Knowledge to end their attacks and to also take the opportunity of exposing more of them. Retain any documentation that You feel would be beneficial to others and the Masses. We always seize these opportune times as gathering more in regards to revealing the Truths.

Any fear-based energy You are feeling within You, like the annoyance, frustration, pissed off, must go and Know that it is not Yours, but that it is being projected at You, in an attempt to lower Your vibration and keep You here a little longer. The Dark is very upset over their foiled “missile attempt”.  They are actually in cages Now of their own, that they have Created, NOW, they are beginning to feel and see how You felt when You were enslaved and powerless, the tables have thus been turned.

Use Your gifts to continue with Your missions, clean-up is in full force. Anything of deception is rapidly imploding as virtue is proceeding into 5D, the separation becomes more noticeable. Every act of the Dark brings You that much closer to accomplishing the mission. Self-judgement by those yet not Awakened is going into overdrive as they choose which timeline they will enjoy, the 5D Timeline towards freedom, or the 2 remaining 4D Timelines carrying the full enslavement experience.

We believe it is time for You to disable more of the Darks manipulating equipment, by using Your mind abilities. As always, follow Your heart and messaging systems into Knowing how to proceed. For Others that are not fully engaged in a profound mission, continue to anchor and direct Your Light into areas of exposure. Reassure All when situations arise, that everything is being taken care of at a Higher Level.

We will be delivering info and knowledge of areas that are required to be rectified via Your computers. You will KNOW when we take them over at times to show You things, do not be alarmed, just follow what You are being shown. There will also be visitations by Intelligent Light Beings that resemble balls of Lightning around the size of a basketball, they are there to assist You. More of You will be taken on the crafts during the sleep state, You will be allowed to retain some of that memory upon waking up for Your next day. All will not and cannot be revealed to You on these Timelines, yet.

DNA resequencing began for many of You about 10 days ago to the highest degree yet, this is to advance the Human Vessel more into its capacity and ability. Extreme internal heat is one side effect as well as increased rest cycles during the incubation period. Plenty of water is always wise during any Ascension symptoms.

Love and Light

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Today’s Experiences and Rambles ~ 1/16/18


Hello everyone~

Well now, the Schumann is indeed spiking creating an overall feeling of inner “aaahhh” ~ and bringing out either the desire to sleep NOW or moments of bursts of energy.

Also had a sudden “all over” itching earlier today ~ and it felt as though something was wanting to come out of my back – both sides – lower shoulder blades.  Angel wings perhaps?  My girl had itching at the same time.

Also having the desire to smack away – permanently – anyone or anything that isn’t in alignment with who I am/what I desire.  “Not in my reality” is my go-to tagline.  Not to be “better than” ~ just deeply longing to have real connections and that sense of “home”.

I express the desire to have experiences where I can have real conversations with others about love and healing and our awakening and new earth.  All of these topics I share here ~ and aside from my mate ~ I have no one else in which I can have these conversations I so DEEPLY need and desire.  I feel like I am about ready to pop out of my skin lately – an inner scream of NO MORE! I cannot do “how are you oh i am fine” go-nowhere conversations ~ I can’t! I would rather just pass on by or ignore the person altogether.  I had a couple of attempted conversations today while out-and-about that just ended up with me walking away feeling depleted ~ certainly not energized ~ at one point covering my child’s ears so she wouldn’t have to hear system bullshit speak.

It is bullshit.  At this point if one is still deeply plugged in, I don’t want that energy around me or my family.  Call me a bitch or lacking in spirituality.  I no longer care.  I have ZERO connection to this reality, to this realm.  I have made numerous attempts to really connect with others on a real, authentic level, to share my stories and insights and to ask questions to find out the truth and REALNESS of the other…. and that has not brought me ANY connections in this area…..  Online is where it is for now and that is waning for me.

I need MORE.

And so I seek that which does resonate.

Interestingly enough today while on a walk that connection came in the form of a tree (picture at the top).  It never dropped all of its leaves.  It always does ~ at least all the years I have been here.  I also noticed another tree a block away had not dropped its leaves either.  In some garden plots I see tall sprouts of spring flowers.  In other spots, I see nothing growing yet. Same with grass.  Perhaps a metaphor for awakening – some are on it, others still slumbering away.

I have had several very subtle experiences where, in spite of the air having that winter chill, I sense spring is “somewhere” ~ really close.  It is palpable and only growing.  This is more than spring fever too.  It is something “different”.

It’s as though the New Realm (which I have sensed is in Spring ~ and I am not the only one to have this sense) is merging with the old realm.  Some will blend into the New given their awareness and thus frequency.  Some will continue to stay in the old for the same reason.  The term I use is “overlay” ~ the new will overlay itself on and within this one.

Seeing this tree with its leaves still in place gave me hope.  It touched and thus softened my heart, put a smile on my face.  She allowed me to remember “home is coming”.  I could “feel” what she is doing ~ the message she is showing for us.  Instead of people staring and thinking or saying “how odd” ~ she is nudging us to look deeper.  Feeeeeeeeeeel inside the message of her appearance.

Just like with me, and with every one of us (supposedly ~ I have doubts) there is much more than just appearance.  I share that with others and I am far past ready to have those real, lasting connections with my tribe.

Face to face.

It is time.

It is time.



Schumann Resonance ~ 1/16/18


Oh Beautiful Gaia, thank you and keep up the love frequency.  We are ready to sustain You.



United flight to Paris diverts for medical issue


UPDATE:  Found this in a group I belong to.  Someone took a screen shot of the flight path.  According to what they captured, this plane was close to Paris before it turned around.  Check out the dates to see why we can conclude that.  Just gives more credence to the speculation….  Sourced from here.

Hmmm….  Look where it ended up being diverted to…


A United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Paris is diverting after the crew reported a passenger with a medical issue.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Rick Breitenfeldt said in a statement early Monday that United 990 is diverting to Dulles International Airport in Virginia.

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Break the Ban! El Cajon Police Enforce Homeless Feeding Ban


Power to the People.  This is utter bullshit!  Such a waste of resources. Cowards too ~ not going after the real violators!  Easy prey ~ loving, generous human beings.  Please share to help put an end to this abuse of power as well as clear human right’s violation.  If people want to feed the homeless in a PUBLIC park, they can.  After all the PUBLIC lands belong to the People, right?  See the 2nd video below for the press conference they held today.  (1/15/18)


Break the Ban! El Cajon Police Enforce Homeless Feeding Ban

Published on Jan 14, 2018



Floor collapses at Jakarta stock exchange, dozens injured


Hmmm…   “…houses the regional headquarters of numerous international organizations including the World Bank.”


Jakarta, Indonesia (CNN)  At least 77 people were injured in Jakarta Monday when an internal walkway inside the Indonesian Stock Exchange collapsed suddenly, causing widespread damage to the building’s main lobby area.

CCTV footage circulated online captures the precise moment the mezzanine walkway gives way, sending at least a dozen people crashing into the lobby area below.
Jakarta police spokesman Argo Yuwono said 77 people were being treated at four local hospitals, most with minor injuries. No fatalities were reported.
The 32-story twin tower complex, located on the busy Jalan Sudirman road of the Indonesian capital, is among the city’s best known landmarks and houses the regional headquarters of numerous international organizations including the World Bank.
It was previously targeted by Islamist militants in a car bomb attack in 2000. But in a statement provided to reporters, a police spokesman ruled out the possibility of terrorism as a cause of Monday’s collapse.
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Sandra Walter ~ Culmination Points, New Moon and Eclipse Transformations


Culmination Points, New Moon and Eclipse Transformations

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

We are at the culmination point of our Seven Sacred weeks, which completes with the New Moon Tuesday, January 16 at 6:19pm. This has been a deeply transformative passage which collectively prepared us for the energetic shifts of 2018. Note how the energy changes over the next week. We are coming out of a period of deep introspection, personal change, and global release. Now we witness the next steps of our Ascension laid out before us. Feel these glorious reality-changing frequencies, beloveds.

We endured a collective and personal transmutation of the cosmic memory of old self, lower trajectories, belief systems, family genetic imprints and soul monads. A massive clearing of the akashic for many, even for those who felt they were complete, as the collective subconscious records are released back to Source.

This occurs globally at a cellular level, as an effect of the incoming light level. This is why so many have been ill, nauseous or having unusual health challenges over the last seven weeks. The initial effect was intense, and clearing is ongoing as the energies accelerate bifurcation. DNA is overwriting old formats, and responding to the clearing by holding new light codes which were previously blocked. These frequency-based rewrites shake loose the old. Be diligent with detoxing and cleansing, and guide the mental/physical/emotional levels as needed.

The heart center is expanding as etheric imprints dissipate from cellular memory. Coping mechanisms must be surrendered for high-vibe activity, in order to resonate with the crystalline pathways opening in this Now. Blessings to everyone who is willing to be vulnerable and authentic, and keep their heart open and neutral for others through this process.

All limitations are being removed for our benefit. We learn how to operate in Unity Consciousness, flow with the highest trajectory of our path, express our new true voice, and level-up our service work. Avoiding or resisting the clarion call of the new cannot be avoided without causing psychological and emotional distortion. If you receive the call, answer it with an open heart in alignment with Unity Consciousness.

These upgrades have been continuous in our Ascension process, however the cosmic events unfolding for 2018 require this collective release. Removal of blocks to the rainbow bridge effect happened before the December Solstice. You may have felt moments of complete freedom since the New Year, followed by symptoms of clearing the next day. There are strong templates coming in, consistently activating starseed DNA and the templates within Gaia. The galactic hot-zone we have entered is accelerating the New Earth experience. In service, we simultaneously assist, surrender and let the light reveal the higher realities.

2018: Collapsing Time to Create the Miraculous

One of the strongest visions/downloads for 2018 is the activity emanating from the Trinity Stargates. These massive interuniversal portals aligned and activated with the Solar eclipse last August. The stargate alignment allows Crystalline templates of superior purity and vibration to merge with the SUN.

Solaris (the SUN) begins to pulse light codes, plasma, harmonics, and frequencies which trigger DNA in an unprecedented way. Solaris is flashing new geometries, emanating light codes and sacred fire letters, beaming 5D rainbow plasma, and delivering the command for new creation. In visions these waves of codes are rushing toward Gaia, engulfing her in sacred next-level symbols, bathing us in the dimensional-shifting, living light of Source. The SUN appears chaotic yet elegant in this realm. We are preparing for major energetic waves and events this year, Beloveds.

We sense the freedom as we unify with resonant hearts. The High-Vibe collective strengthens as Wayshowers to the New Earth, demonstrating Unity Consciousness itself. It literally feels light; many Unity Meditators reported strong lifting and levitating sensations during our last session on SUNday. We are merging with the crystalline realm to create the bridges and pathways to the next experience, and it feels sublime! The incoming crystalline templates not only amplify the New Earth experience for aligned hearts, they assist us in opening the Gateways for global transformation. Embodiment and untouchability are near.

This year reveals empirical evidence of what has been created by all of us in service. No one expects credit of course, that’s never been the point. Our starseed reward is completion of mission, however we can feel excitement beaming through the High-Vibe Tribe. Divine Love is delivering on ancient promises.

The Lunar Eclipse and January Triggers

The Solar eclipse of last August and the upcoming total Lunar eclipse on January 31 are linked. This window was highly transformative between these two eclipses. It affected the way we experience time, our multidimensional selves, and the bifurcation of realities. If the Solar eclipse was powerful for you, this Lunar eclipse will be as well. Take a moment to review what has transpired, how your trajectory has changed, and be diligent about preparation.

This eclipse does not require the extensive Gatekeeping and Gridwork of last August. It does require open-hearted anchoring of the next level of our Ascension. The New Earth grids merged with the crystalline grid during that event. Our current service focuses on unlocking as many node points as possible, continuous amplification, and merging our HUman heart grid as one stargate of Ascension. The New Earth grid went vertical last year, merging the crystalline core of Gaia with the crystalline grid and Solaris. Those Gateways will create access to the higher dimensional New Earth experience.

Our focus remains on opening the crystalline Gateways to the New Earth experience. I saw people rising through these Gateways during the Cosmic trigger last month, preparing for a pure Ascension experience.

The way that we work with crystals, especially quartz, is changing. Codes are activated within the crystal beds and Master crystals (many are from off-planet) between these two eclipses. It stimulates memories within the Starseeds, Gatekeepers and Gridworkers who have been working with crystals. Meditate on this; it is related to future memory rather than past, a side-effect of the embodiment experience. Your crystals will need to be cleared and reset between the New Moon and Lunar eclipse. Give them plenty of SUN exposure on the ground after the New Moon. They continue to assist bridging the worlds, and will assist with stabilizing the amplification.

With these new energies, our multidimensional Self penetrates levels of awareness. We are able to access the evolution of our higher levels, and co-create the new aligned in the Now.

Unified Focus: Here We Glow

Tuesday January 16: New Moon at 6:18pm PT. Seven sacred week passage ends. Set high intentions for the new trajectory.

Wednesday January 17: Gatekeeper & Gridworker focus: The eclipse portal begins, energies will build. Note the changes in your energy fields and heart as this opens up.

Wednesday January 31: Total Lunar Eclipse. Maximum eclipse at 5:30amPT. It is a Blue Moon (second Full Moon in a month) and will appear red, like a Blood Moon. This is a rare Blue Moon Total Eclipse. Totality will last just over an hour, and is visible in North America. Here is a visibility map: https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/map/2018-january-31#

The crystalline templates emanating from the SUN pulse and flash holographic imprints of themselves to prepare and change Gaia’s energy fields to become a Christed/Crystalline entity. You may see them in visions; giant light-encoded discs or geometries. That activity is caught and threaded through the New Earth grid system, activated ancient sites seen and unseen, crystal beds, aquifers, kingdoms, elementals, and activated heart centers.

It is shifting layers of the electromagentic fields to align with New Earth magnetics, which is the vertigo and dizziness some of us experience. You feel the shift in your personal magentics, as well as the shifts within Gaia. It is a release, a lightening of density. Sensations of euphoria, bliss or freedom become stronger for many.

We will continue to unify in Divine Co-creation on SUNdays with our global Unity Meditations. Gratitude to all who participate each week in this Divine Service. Details, guided meditation link can be found at http://www.sandrawalter.com/global-unity-meditations-every-sunday/

This passage is unprecedented, Beloveds. We join as one in walking through dimensional doorways this year. May we all be blessed and supported as embodiment manifests the New Earth experience.

In Love, Light and Service,

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Cranberries Singer Dolores O’Riordan Dead at 46


This one is really impacting me.  Unexplained death in a hotel room?? Really??!!  I was all but obsessed w/her music in the 90’s.  My god…



She was 46 and is survived by three children.

O’Riordan passed away at a hotel in Westminster this morning. Police were called to the Park Lane address around 9am, where O’Riordan was pronounced dead.

They are treating the death as unexplained.

A statement from her PR agency said:

“Irish and international singer Dolores O’Riordan has died suddenly in London today. The lead singer with the Irish band The Cranberries, was in London for a short recording session. No further details are available at this time.

“Family members are devastated to hear the breaking news and have requested privacy at this very difficult time.”

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In memoriam ~ one of the best songs ever…

Fake News Awards Teaser


He has more than one.  Check him (and his channel) out.  This is awesome!


FN Awards 2018 Teaser 2

Published on Jan 15, 2018

Body Language ~ False Missile Launch, Hawaii Governor


The body doesn’t lie…


Body Language: False Missile Hawaii governor

Published on Jan 15, 2018