Prince Alwaleed Moved To Highest Security Saudi Prison After Refusing To Pay $6 Billion For Freedom


Goodbye Ritz Carlton. Saudi Arabia’s billionaire prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, has been carted off to Al Ha’ir prison, south of Riyadh, after refusing to pay  a reported $6 billion to Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman to secure his freedom, following a massive consolidation of power on November 4, 2017 in which over 300 princes, ministers and other elites were rounded up in an “anti-corruption” purge.


Sources told the Middle East Monitor  that nearly 60 detainees were transferred to the most high security prison in the Kingdom. The prisoners include Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal as Prince Turki Bin Abdullah and a number of government officials who refused to make the large financial payments for their release.


Among those arrested on allegations of corruption is Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, the Saudi King’s nephew who is worth more than $17bn according to Forbes, and owns stakes in Twitter, Lyft and Citigroup. According to a Daily Mail source, the crown prince had lulled Alwaleed into a false sense of security, inviting him to a meeting at his Al Yamamah palace, then sent officers to arrest him the night before the meeting.

‘Suddenly at 2.45am all his guards were disarmed, the royal guards of MBS storm in,’ said the source.

‘He’s dragged from his own bedroom in his pajamas, handcuffed, put in the back of an SUV, and interrogated like a criminal.

‘They hung them upside down, just to send a message.

Purged princes and the like were taken to the Riydah Ritz Carlton Hotel, where they have reportedly been allowed to buy their freedom by giving up their billions in oil wealth for their lives.

As the Daily Mail reported in November, mercenaries purportedly employed by Academi – a successor to infamous US security contractor Blackwater, have been stringing up some of MBS’s “guests” at the Riyadh Ritz Carlton by their feet and savagely beating them during interrogations. The claims have spread rapidly on Arabic-language social media, and even Lebanon’s president Michel Aoun has accused MbS of using mercenaries.

Meanwhile, none of Prince Alwaleed’s powerful friends appear to be coming to his defense. As CNBC points out:

One of the most stunning aspects of bin Talal’s detention is how quiet his long list of influential friends have been about it. This week brought at least some mention of his plight with a statement from two former French presidents who expressed concern over Alwaleed’s status. But let’s face it: a few words from a couple of French ex-presidents is peanuts.

So now we have bin Alwaleed in an actual prison, with a government aggressively taking cash and assets, and still no significant outcry from his foreign friends.

Bin Salman came to power last summer after King Salman changed the order of succession and made Bin Salman crown prince. In addition to his “anti-corruption” puge to consolidate power and wealth, the country has embarked on an ambitious plan called “Vision 2030“- which aims to modernize Saudi Arabia and break its dependence on oil production, as well as combat human rights violations.

In late September,  Saudi Arabia took the unprecedented step of allowing women to drive“The royal decree will implement the provisions of traffic regulations, including the issuance of driving licenses for men and women alike,” the Saudi Press Agency said, according to Al Aribaya

Meanwhile, A Saudi Government panel has asked that all marriage contracts for girls under the age of 18 be approved by family courts – the latest step in a series of sweeping reforms under the lead of their new Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salman. While falling short of outlawing child marriage, the request marks the first major legislation involving the long-standing practice primarily overseen by Saudi clerics and local judges – not family courts.

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PLANET X NEWS – NEW Drone Footage from Large Crack at Rattlesnake Ridge, Wa.


PLANET X NEWS – NEW Drone Footage from Large Crack at Rattlesnake Ridge, Wa.

Published on Jan 14, 2018

Latest Q Posts


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Davis Station Sky-cam Timelapse


Something fun and interesting to watch ~ a sky-cam at the Davis Station out of Antarctica. Check it out.  You never know what you are going to see.

Schumann Resonance ~ 1/14/18


End of day/beginning of another.  Enjoy the frequencies.  


Energy Update Exiting the Third Dimension


The matrix is disintegrating as we and Gaia transition through the trinity super moon gateway. The fabric of our fixed holographic reality is unravelling, we are experiencing quantum awakening. A portal of light flooding us in zen wavelengths, triggering DNA upgrades. Recalibration. Coming online as energetic beings activated into hyper reality, we are catapulted into a chasm of chaos. From this chaos will rise a new earth. Gaia has had enough, the cosmos has come to her aid. Her travellers, her tribes, her people transition with her to higher planes of existence.

Heart chakra activation can be felt as fluttering, spinning, flipping sensations in centre of our chest. Timeline switches, loops and Mandela effects are palpable, as our consciousness expands, our perception of reality bends and oscillates. This creates a heightened awareness of the moment, choice, different timelines spinning off in front, behind and all around us. We are transforming and our understanding of the world around us is changing. Coincidence becomes synchronicity. Numbers take on a life of their own. Time becomes fluid accelerating and slowing down, the walls of our reality breathe. It’s getting really trippy friends. Breathe into the waves of high frequencies. Allow changes to occur. Our bodies are lightening. We are organic beings in this lifetime. A trinity temple of light and love, mind, body and soul. We fly up and down the frequency spectrum still experiencing waves of third dimension paranoia, fear and confusion. These bouts lessen in frequency and intensity the more we embed our vibration into higher wavelengths.

Our mission is to reach across the third dimension polarity, duality chasm. We share light, knowledge and wisdom of oneness, beauty, peace and progress. Cutting off from those we disagree with is to renege on our contract. To meet fear with compassion. Hate with patience. Hostility with shield up love. To separate ourselves into bubbles of fifth dimension zen is tempting. We do and should indulge in this through meditation, music, dance, nature, soul tribe and yoga. We balance by grounding, not floating off into hyper space. Knowing when to step back and let universal karma resolve situations. When to speak up and stand our ground. When to back down and show forgiveness. These are the lessons of the fifth dimension. Lessons we are all learning. None of us is better or worse, everyone has a heartbeat, be they of Reptilian, Arcturian, Plaiedian descent, lightworker or darkworker or any of the myriad of astrogenetics seeding Gaia. We all exist in this organic plane of dimensional experience. Avoid derision of unawakened people, many would be surprised by the depths of these ripples of awakening, and may not see through the avatars presented in the matrix. Stay kind people even when the world slumbers as she ascends.

The fourth dimension is being healed also as we travel up and down through 4th dimension frequencies. This shakedown of karmic energy is liberating many lost souls wandering the fourth realm. It is illuminating the darkness skulking in the astral plane, parasites and devilish entities who have fed off humanity for too long. Fifth dimension light streams in, there is no place to hide. As the shakedown intensifies human hosts of astral entities may exhibit more of the characteristics of their demons, as they come to the surface for clearing. Meditation, reflection, emotional release, holistic and talk therapy can all help this process. There are specialists in the area of releasing attachments who can perform this process energetically. As the vibrations raise, this process of release is becoming easier, healing the fourth dimension is rolling out as we speak.

We may become more aware of fluidity in our dimensional perceptions. Shadows in corners take form, shape. Some may see passed on relatives, hear voices of loved ones, receive gifted messages as the fourth dimension reaches its redemption. A space for communication it has served humans in complex ways throughout our time on Gaia. A bridge between the third and upper dimensions the fourth is a call centre, an astral plane buzzing with activity. Still caught in lower vibrational fields duality is rife here. Our loved ones can visit us here, able to reach our wavelengths, they then return to higher planes of existence. The fourth realm is home to entities unwilling or unable to cross over to love frequency. They are caught in negative cycles of hate, envy, addiction, fear and greed. They haunt the third dimension matrix and serve to build fear into our atmosphere. As Gaia rises the fourth realm is being healed in love vibration. A quantum evolution of mystical proportion. Surrendering to love, relinquishing all negativity can and will heal many millions of third and fourth dimension souls.

We are being freed from a cycle of slavery. Our heightened awareness reinstates our sovereignty, our energetic balance, our core strength. Our heart chakras are activated, we aspire to heart led living. We are switched on by gratitude, compassion, we surrender to universal love light. Our third eye has been opened, we can see through the veils of deception in the matrix and through dimensional realities in our universe. It’s quite a ride cosmic soul brothers and sisters. There is no pressure, no hierarchy, no competition in the fifth dimension. We travel through the time space continuum learning, growing, expanding our consciousness as souls of the multi verse. We are stepping into a new universe of light where we can rebuild this world with respect for Gaia and ourselves. All are welcome, none are excluded. We set the dial of our own vibration. We are the owners, the creators of our reality, our future. In love, peace and light beautiful people. Namaste.

Mantras: I am one with universal love light.

I ask my higher self to power up the shield of love that surrounds me at all times.

I share love, I receive love, I am love. Namaste.

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Allison Coe ~ Client QHHT Sessions – Changing and Healing your Timeline (Retrocausality)


Awesome wonderful beautiful amazing FANTASTIC advice!  Doing!  Let’s all do this!  Individually, for our own pain.  And collectively…..Imagine earth in her purest state ~ (for me that would be before the conquer/fall).


Client QHHT Sessions – Changing and Healing your Timeline (Retrocausality)

Published on Jan 13, 2018


A Bedtime Story…


Thank you to Snoopy for the inspiration…



Image result for galactic central sun image


It was a beautiful, blackened-sky, starry night.  The sun, however, had other ideas.  The sun decided to come out to play.

She had carried so much grief for eons.  She had not only witnessed the fall and suffering of humanity, who had been held down for so long, controlled and manipulated by evil dark wizards who took the Beautiful Gift of Source Life Energy and used it for nefarious, ugly, dark purposes, she herself had experienced the pain of humanities sufferings.

She witnessed one reincarnation cycle after another of humanity’s blindness and forgetting of who/what they really are.  With each cycle, the spark within each Being began to glow again.  As it did, chaos ensued.  The Beings who played the role of the dark wizards amped up their game.

Living Sun, in cooperation with Source, decided enough was enough.  She sent the message to Source: “The time is now.  Use me to channel all of your Love to humanity.  They have carried the memories and grief long enough as have I.  Their desire to once again carry Home within is strong. Bathe me so that I may bathe each of these beautiful Being’s while they sleep.”

So it was decided at that moment that tonight was to be the night ~ the night of the release of Love for All.

As each beautiful, precious Being slept, Source, in all its Glory, emitted a massive pulse wave of Love through the cosmos.  It passed on to the Central Sun, who in turn amped it up further and bathed the earth realm in these high frequency energies.  Every being felt it.  Many woke up, confused at first.  Others awoke knowing what had happened.

All were touched… deeply.

People walked out of their homes, flooding the streets, wanting suddenly to connect with everyone around them.  Smiles were shared, even while mind’s struggled for many to grasp, to understand what had just transpired.

Tears flowed from the eyes of those who were already consciously aware of this event.  Some simply laid on the ground and wept.

All knew ~ a transformation had just taken place and nothing, no thing, would ever be the same again.  

And our Central Sun, oh she celebrated with us, quite grateful she had decided to come out and play.


My wish for all of us.

Good night beautiful Earth Beings.  Sleep well.


Sky Captures ~ 1/13/18


My mate and I both noticed ~ the sun seemed huge today…  The second one down was taken out the kitchen window so not the best shot – I was trying to capture the intensity of the brightness ~ couldn’t look at it even with sunglasses.  Bottom picture, top left to the sun, orb/round purplish/pink object?  Lens flare?  hmm…


Solar Winds


Combined w/the Schumann Spike today ~ wow kapow!  Felt this today ~ the “sun” also looked and felt different too.


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