Big Quake Rocks in the Caribbean Sea


My first thought was ~ was this naturally caused or human created?  I hold this thought as this location is close to GITMO…  UPDATE:  Just watched Dutchsinse and he says this one was not predicted.  Also learning the depth was 10 km…. and at this depth it magnifies the effects of the quake… and this is a highly unusual spot for an earthquake.  The maximum depth of the trench is 27, 493 feet.  10km = 32,000 feet.  Pretty damn close.  It’s also the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean so what better place to drop an underwater nuke for maximum effect, right?  More “hmmm’s…” to this event….


Big Quake Rocks the Richter at 7.8Mw in Caribbean Sea – Tsunami Alert

Published on Jan 9, 2018

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