A Question…The Leads To Some Rambles…But There Is A Point!

One of the questions in my book (Live to Impress Yourself) is the following:  If you were President for one day, what would you create?

I now realize I should have substituted “Creator” for “President”.

If I were Creator ~ which I believe I am a Creation OF Creator ~ if I were standing in that FULL POWER ~ able RIGHT NOW to create ANYTHING instantaneously, what would I create?

The immediate removal of all those involved in:

child sex trafficking

the theft of our wealth

manufacturing wars

the programs of religion, chemtrails, vaccines, fluoride, gmo’s, environmental toxins, technologies of nuclear, gas, oil and bioweapons


the system of money and debt

all beings, in this dimension and beyond, who have violated Universal Law of Sovereignty through manipulation, lies, covert and overt operations, violence and the like.

I would then introduce:

educational facilities to teach Truth to the people about their history and who they REALLY are

healing facilities and technology to provide true healing (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually) and full restoration

technology enabling the people to be self-supportive and self-sustaining

Why would I do this?

This is what Love in Action looks like.  It’s what Love Does and Is.

Nothing is gained by suffering and struggling.

Nothing is gained by waiting and being told to be “patient”.


This entire spiritual/ascension movement with its endless chants of lessons and karma and passive/aggressive judgments and forced duality (hidden in disguise) has just done rightfully pissed me off.

The collective prayers of HELP! and ENOUGH! SHOULD HAVE produced a result by now!

“Things take time.”  Really?

Imagine if, as a mama, I took that approach with my child.  Sorry sweetie, I know you are crying and asking me for help but you need to learn a few things first.  You need a little more suffering.  Give mama more time so YOU can “get it” together first.  You need to elevate yourself to MY state of Consciousness, My Energy Vibrational Frequency before I will offer you assistance.

I cannot imagine for one second pulling that crap with my child, regardless of age.  A struggling person can ALWAYS use assistance of some kind ~ especially if they are asking for it.  My god what we have here is withholding of Love – the ONE THING we are all supposed to BE About and From, right?  I mean isn’t that what Ascension is really about?  A Return to Love??

Then where the FUCK is it?

Who are ANY OF US to dismiss someone in need, especially when we think WE somehow know what is best for this other individual.  Arrogance in disguise.  The way I look at such situations is the person is so uncomfortable in being asked for help, that instead of owning this, they choose to respond in such a way that will get them out of the situation because hey, they can say “well at least I offered SOMETHING” – even if this “something” is clearly what this individual has stated they do not need. (Projection all over the place with this one as it has been a serious pet peeve of mine with others.  Can’t help me?  Don’t wish to?  Then own it and tell me.  I would rather have the truth than false hope and pacification.  Do not think for one second you can attempt to make yourself appear the saint by offering me YOUR version of MY reality. Unless you have the magical ability to jump inside my body and live my life, you don’t have the right to give me your version of my truth.)

None of us do!

There are a lot of people suffering but there are also a lot of people who are doing quite well.  Good health.  Finances in tact.  Great support system.  Great family.  The way I see it, there is enough of those who are together/healthy that can help out those who haven’t been as fortunate. Able.  Strong.  Fill in the blank.  Some people thrive in this system.  Others struggle.  And some fall through the cracks.

Yes, personal empowerment is important.  Yes, what we think about ourselves is important.  Sometimes people need more than that!  As I have often said, when someone is drowning, you don’t yell out the instructions on how to swim.  You pull them out, let them recover from the experience, THEN teach them how to swim.

What is so complicated about that?  Geesh!

I see suffering and struggle and I fucking do what I can.  It’s who I am. Given my current reality what this looks like is I brainstorm for solutions, share stories with others who can provide more help, reach out to a variety of resources.  I am quite gifted in this regard.  (And yet for reasons I still am unclear of, I seem to suck at doing this for myself.  Something I am currently pondering…)

For a very very long time now, I have intended for abundance of wealth to help out people like my friend who needs a place to live asap and it is the cost of housing (in this case, rentals) that is keeping her out of 95% of the housing market.  Or for SherryAnne, whose story I will share next.  Or for myself and my family.

I intend daily to use my Powers in their Entirety and scream out atop of the mountaintops, “ENOUGH!” and using my powers, take out the controlling factions of this reality and remove the energy veils of illusion and forgetfulness we all experience and RETURN US ALL TO OUR SOVEREIGN SELVES.

If we ALL intend this, I think we can break down this shit-hole.  For the process itself is going far too slow.  I have to laugh as I see myself as the person who walks into the room, sword in my right hand, and announces “Ok good people what the hell is taking so long?  Let’s get this done NOW.”

No more deep breathing/grounding and other pacification exercises.  The time to command Help and our Sovereignty is NOW.  Not when certain energy waves are over or currently happening or whatever.  Not when this date comes (and goes).  Not when the stories of RV and NESARA and the like and all of those dates come (and go).


For we are all connected.  And when one suffers, we all suffer.

And we have had quite enough of that.

Individually Awakened, we are powerful.

Collectively Awakened, unstoppable.



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