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I had a flash of a vision this morning.  I have shared before that I am not usually a visual person ~ I am much more of a sensing/feeling type.  But this morning, I lay in bed and was drawing forth New Earth.  I was using my heart-space energies.  It was intense and very powerful and the feeling of calling it forward – the depth and purity of it was unlike any experience I have had yet when I have engaged in this practice.  As I was creating this experience, I attempted to look into the “future” ~ march/april and beyond.

That is when I suddenly saw…it’s hard to describe with words but I will try…I saw like this large ball – a mass – which began rolling from (I sensed) the future…backwards, taking up everything with it.  I could feel the power of this ball…and it was destructive (although I felt absolutely no fear).  I felt it was doing a MASS clean-up of all that has NEEDED cleansing/purged.   It was literally wiping out timelines to merge into one, which I felt was The Event flash – creating the NEW timeline many of us ~ certainly enough of us ~ have been creating.  Continue calling it worth.  I feel we can add our own energies to it and make it all the more healing, powerful and beautiful for ALL.  It feels to me at this point that The Event gives us a fresh start – one in which ALL are FULLY conscious and free to live as they desire.

It was intense and awe-some for sure and I am grateful to have had it ~ and to share it with all of you.  


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6 thoughts on “A Vision”

  1. Dear Victoria,,

    Thank you for sharing this vision. It coincides with my own knowing. I have felt into the end of March/beginning of April and feel this huge shift. There are situations around me with those I love that look like either this or that….no real solution yet I have this sense that solutions will present that are not even imaginable right now. I have this deep sense of peace and joy about it all. There is so much in the works right now on other planes and the Spring will see it in the physical. It is fun to share our knowing as we all feel one another so much more fully these days. I can feel into a situation and clearly sense what each individual is feeling. Surreal! It allows great empathy and compassion for us all as we let go and flow into this new world together. We are all going!

    In gratitude,

    1. thank you for sharing that ~ i have moments where i a desperate with longing to feeeeeeeeeel this shift – calling it forth. when i hear of other’s experiencing the same “feel” in terms of the “when” are in alignment w/mine (and so many others) it comforts me – calms the desperate words within. 🙂

      1. Dear Victoria,

        Yes to the calming effect as we reach out to one another and share our knowing. I like to thank myself for making sure my peeps are here on the planet with me….when I am in despair I think, well so and so is here and so and so…..gives me strength! Thank goodness for the internet as these peeps are all over the globe. For years I have heard “geography won’t matter” when the time is right for us all to be together in our love pods. We will be.
        I have those wobbly moments….and then the strong steady ones of deep knowing that all is on track.
        Blessings of love and gratitude to us all.

        1. yes ~ i often go to many of my readers who have become my friends ~ when i need comfort ~ even when it’s just, as you said, knowing they are here. welcome to the tribe. 🙂

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