Am I Crazy?

Editor’s note:  I can happily stand out in the street, arms open wide and proclaim “I am batshit crazy!”  Care to join the “crazy” movement?  

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Amina Deb

What is crazy anyway? It is defined as: deranged and possibly dangerous, affected with madness or insanity, foolish, totally unsound. Hummmmm….. don’t see that I personally fit into that definition but I certainly do see a lot of what is considered “normal” out there that does!

Crazy can also be defined as: being possessed by inordinate excitement, fantastic, intensely enthusiastic. Crazy is something unusual, out of the ordinary, a new & different approach. YES….. I like that! Based on this definition, the crazies are gathering momentum! We are growing in numbers day by day!

Who are these excited, fantastic, unusual, enthusiastic crazy people?

  • We are the ones to introduce new and innovative ideas
  • We offer alternatives for sustainable living
  • We have the courage to say “no” to self-defeating principles
  • We fight for personal freedoms
  • We stand to face fear and the atrocities rampant in our societies
  • We support compromise instead of control
  • We champion diversity
  • We are open-minded
  • We value family and community
  • We seek understanding instead of ultimatums
  • We work to end the suffering of others
  • We act to end the mistreatment of animals and the Earth in general
  • We cultivate a positive outlook
  • We resolve to spread compassion, mercy, understanding and cooperation
  • We attempt to influence change that benefits as well as supports all
  • We speak the truth in spite of retribution
  • We honor commitments
  • We bring people together instead of ostracizing those deemed “not agreeable”
  • We choose love, even in the face of those unloving… the crazies LOVE.

Am I crazy? You bet…… and proud of it!!

Wishing you each joyful and loving journeys,
Amina Deb

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