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Editor’s note:  Wow.  What a powerful video.  What began as an evening of me wanting to find a video on this upcoming event and any spiritually-related associations with it, one I resonated with, this one magically pops up.  I have been in this little area, life continuously keeping me here and a couple of times, bringing me back.  I believe this is the reason.  This upcoming eclipse.  This is not to say people have to be here in this area of totality to experience the energies.  Watch the video for more information on that.  As most of my readers know, I have known for a few months or so that this is not a “natural” event in terms of how often total solar eclipses occur in any given region.  I have thought at first it was a controlled-type, cabal related agenda.  I did not like having this thought and have pondered it.  I then have begun saying I did not come this far to experience some ugly event.  No way.  I also began to feel there was something quite magical about this upcoming eclipse.  Given what I have read from others and felt within, the timeline has been changed and sped up – quite dramatically.  Some have speculated it will not be the moon eclipsing the sun but the planetary object known as Nibiru, which I have always felt is a positive in our Ascension process, consciously guided with the ability to traverse dimensions.  I will be following the suggestions and will be encouraging others in my area to as well.  I also encourage all of you to participate in this event, no matter where you are. Alone or with others.  Share share share this information.  Intend the energies within your own being and anchoring here on Gaia.  So….Enjoy the video.  And enjoy the one below Allison’s as well.  When you watch the video you will see why I chose to share this song.  ♥

2017 Solar Eclipse Energy Preparation – Client QHHT Sessions

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