#HATJ #UniversalCleanUp – RKB Day 6 Lunch Recess Alleged Case 1.30.18


oooh you must scroll down through the comments until you get to the reporter there covering the case (multi haystack – backroom knox).  in his own words “i drank the cool aid” (sic).  looks like the prosecutor, who was professional in appearance, is now falling apart as heather shares the Truth.  i feel it in the air.  Truth exposed.  Freedom for us all.  


#HATJ #UniversalCleanUp – RKB Day 6 Lunch Recess Alleged Case 1.30.18

Published on Jan 30, 2018

URGENT!!!!! #ReleaseTheMemo #FISAGate #FalseFlagWarning Gou Bou answers questions for the CIA.


Heather and Randy’s trial continues.  Please send them Love and energies of Freedom.  See the outcome of Freedom and Truth.   This is about Every.  Single. One.  Of.  Us.  


URGENT!!!!! #ReleaseTheMemo #FISAGate #FalseFlagWarning Gou Bou answers questions for the CIA.

Published on Jan 30, 2018

A Pre- SOTU Event Love In Action Now Wishes To See


POTUS walks into the room.  He stands off to the right of the podium.  A booming voice begins to speak over an unknown loudspeaker.

“Members of Congress.  Please stand now.”

They look around at one another, confused, but like little sheep who only know how to obey instead of lead, one by one they stand.  When all are standing, the voice continues.

“We will be reading off names.  When you hear your name called, you are to remain standing.  If you do not hear your name announced once we are finished, you may sit back down.”

One by one, names are called.  Looks of concern appear on their faces. POTUS remains standing off to the side of the podium, his mouth set firm but with a hint of a twinkle in his eyes.

Once the announcer is finished calling the names, we see well over half of Congress still standing.

The announcer then goes on to say:

“Agents, you may come in and do your job.  Guards are in place so escape is futile.”

A swarm of Agents enter the arena and begin zip-tying the wrists of those standing.

The announcer continues.

“Members of Congress, you are being arrested for a multitude of crimes including, but not limited to:   Treason.  Sedition.  Obstruction of justice.  More will be explained to you on the way to your location.”

“What location??!!” numerous members cry out.

“That is privileged information,” the announcer states.

Once the arrests have taken place, POTUS steps up to the podium. Remaining members, some looking shocked, others smiling, sit down upon Trump’s nod.

From the Balcony comes the cry of a lone, unknown figure:  “Let Freedom Reign!  The Republic is finally being restored!”

Applause ensues.

And POTUS goes on to deliver the first real SOTU since Kennedy.


Allison Coe – The Event, Altering TImelines, And Quantum Healing in 2018


Allison Coe – The Event, Altering TImelines, And Quantum Healing in 2018

Published on Jan 29, 2018

#HATJ (heather-ann tucci-jarraf) #UniversalCleanUp – RKB Wrap Up on Day 5 of Alleged Court Case


The numbers today are intensely fun.  Viewer #66 ~ lifelong number with me.  Awesome listen ~ continue holding the thought for positive outcome ~ TRUTH revealed and FREEDOM.  


#HATJ #UniversalCleanUp – RKB Wrap Up on Day 5 of Alleged Court Case


Published on Jan 29, 2018

Latest Q Drop ~ 1/29/18



Narrative shift.


Nation on alert.

Firing RR = block Mueller.

Firing RR = set up to firing Mueller.

Firing RR = Red line.


What was the Senate conf vote re: RR?

Why did RR [BEG] Ryan to block the FISA MEMO from Congressional review/further advancement?

REAL TIME: [7] Congressional members + [3] Senators + [2] former O-senior officials + [4] OUTSIDE CONTRACTORS [NO C/TOP/SENS-LEVEL CLEARANCE] @ SCIF [DC-CAP].






File (hide)a7ffb193423f0a5⋯.png (2.65 KB, 310×163, 310:163, FREEDOM_.png(h) (u)


JC Tweet Translation:

Special Agent Andrew McCabe stood tall over the last 8 months [DO NOT TALK], when small people [SHEEP] were trying to tear down an institution we all depend on [COVER]. He served with distinction for two decades [WE OWN YOU & YOUR FAMILY]. I wish Andy well [187]. I also wish continued strength for the rest of the FBI [GENERAL THREAT TO OTHERS]. America needs you [ACTIVATE SLEEPER CELLS].







Global Heatmap


If you check out Antarctica you will notice some interesting “things” (underground tunnels/highways) connecting the continent to Africa. Activity goin’ on in this ‘never spoken about’ continent.  Anyway, have fun with this map ~ quite cool!



BPEarthWatch ~ Major Breaking News/OPERATION OLIVE BRANCH/Blogtalk/FF


Calling for a quick end to this one ~ safety, peace for all the People.  Enough is enough.

Operation Olive Branch:  Code name given for the Turkish Army Invasion Into Syria

Q said to watch for major FF (false flag) this week if the Russian narrative fails.  MSM to spin the narrative. Problem, reaction, solution.  It is said there is a Stargate in Syria.  Someone looking for a way out?  Hmmm…


Major Breaking News/OPERATION OLIVE BRANCH/Blogtalk/FF

Published on Jan 29, 2018

White Hats Report #63 ~ #ARRESTtheFED


The Storm is here.

The releases coming over the next few weeks will expose the details of the methods by which the cabal rules the world through the control of money by showing you trading contracts with proceeds as high as $3 Trillion and $25,000 Trillion. Enough to fund every TRUE humanitarian project on Earth in addition to advanced technology, free energy, the exploration of our universe, housing, hydroelectric projects for undeveloped countries, turning deserts green and other infrastructure projects all over the world. Instead, the money is used to subvert the production of the people to a select few bloodline families. This is how these people control Planet Earth.

Signatories to the trading contracts:

Federal Reserve:
Alan Greenspan
Ben Bernanke
Roger Ferguson
Janet Yellen
Timothy Geithner

US Government:
Barack Obama
Joe Biden
Jack Lew
Paul O’Neill
Neil Wolin

Trading Programs

Trading programs were created as a way to raise funds for projects that relate to humanitarian endeavors, ie. Creating, maintaining and rebuilding infrastructure, assistance with bringing undeveloped countries up to current technologies, rebuilding communities after natural disasters….are just a few of the applications.

But, as with anything to do with the financial world, the rat pack of bankster cabalists have infested it at the highest levels to subvert the program for their own devious plans to control the world. History is replete with personalities whose aspirations to run the world are well known: Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Adolph Hitler….are just a few who come to mind. Why is it such a stretch to believe that that same lust for power is not present today? Rather than be accomplished by might and power and strength and armies all out in the open, now it’s being done in secret by conning the people of the world utilizing a usury system of currency control akin to immoral grifters running a game of three card monty.

Trading programs are initiated, administered, operated and controlled by the Federal Reserve. Sound familiar? You should know what’s coming next.

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Trump To Sign Order Keeping GITMO Open


I wonder why.  Hmmm…


Trump plans to sign order keeping Gitmo open, leaked doc reveals

A draft State Department cable previews the president’s plan to rescind one of President Barack Obama’s first official actions and keep open a military prison for suspected terrorists.

President Donald Trump is preparing to sign an executive order that would reverse an Obama-era directive to close the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, according to a draft document obtained by POLITICO.

Trump is expected to announce plans to sign the order during his State of the Union speech on Tuesday, or in the days before or after the address, a person familiar with the issue said.

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