Vaccine Safety Project


Every single one of my daughter’s friends ~ every single one ~ who have all been vaccinated ~ have some sort of a health issue.  Behavior issues. Anxiety.  Allergies (food, environmental).  It is painful to know such issues are considered “normal” today ~ when they are anything BUT.  While I don’t believe in the theory of “safe vaccines” (just like I don’t believe in “clean coal”), this is a good start…


Vaccine Safety Project – Help RFK, Jr. Now

Published on Nov 20, 2017

Mipperu Courses Being Offered in Peru for Health, Energy and Plasmaculture


This is SO awesome ~ make it so for ALL – NOW!


Mipperu Tarapoto are offering 1,2 or 3 week courses for Auto sustainable living.

1 week courses for  Plasma Healing items  for your Personal Health issues.

2 week courses for Health and Energy aspects  of sustainable living

3 week courses for Health, Energy and Plasma Gardening culture in Self sustainable living IE OFF grid living with Auto-sustainable systems.


New ways to utilise water and waste for your garden soils adding nutrients for stable faster growth.

We are offering the chance to come to Peru to learn the upper levels of Auto-sustainable life styles in the forms of 1,2 or 3 week intensive courses and workshops.

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Live Footage of the Sun ~ Bruce Sees All ~ 12/11/17


This is not NASA, folks.  This is real footage.  I just love this man’s work!  (for those who follow Steve Olson’s work ~ WSO ~ he has not been making videos lately because his son suffered an overdose of heroin and is in the hospital.  so if you could please send him love Steve’s way – for himself, his son and family.  miracles are everywhere!)


Live Footage Of The Sun On December 11th 2017

Published on Dec 11, 2017

Mars Rover Really In….Canada?


But wait a minute, NASA wouldn’t lie or mislead, right?   Image result for eye roll emoji


There is an increasing number of people who believe that NASA’s rovers never left the Earth in the first place, and the pictures they are allegedly sending back from Mars are taken in remote areas of our planet. But if NASA’s rovers are not on Mars, then where exactly are they?

NASA Mars Hoax: “Rover” Is On Devon Island, Canada? You Decide

First of all, evidence suggests that the pictures that we see on NASA’s website are not even taken by the Curiosity and Opportunity rovers. It is very possible that by now, both rovers are stored in a hangar, somewhere at NASA’s JPL headquarters, and have been replaced by their smaller and more practical baby brothers. Sure, if needed, they can always be taken out for a spin, but other than that, the smaller rovers are more convenient to work with. One of the known locations where NASA is playing around with these small rovers is Devon Island, Canada. (It’s worth noting that Devon Island is “the largest uninhabited island on Earth,” which seems like a pretty good location for a fake Martian photo shoot).

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Invisibility Cloak ~ On Camera


This is either really good CGI or just friggin’ cool as heaven!  I want one….and wonder what kind of coating is used…



Published on Dec 3, 2017


Bruce Sees All ~ The Lunar Surface


Such amazing footage!


The Lunar Surface And It’s Illuminated Beauty

Published on Dec 8, 2017

Steve Olson WSO ~ The Star Timelapse is IMPORTANT ++ More Australia News


“As you film the stars, not one should cross paths with the other…”  More proof (below) we live in a simulation.  Along those lines, I had an interesting experience tonight, sitting in my chair in the living room, alone, massager on my back, all was quiet.  In my zone space.  I suddenly “felt” the simulation in my body of my personal physical space.  I sensed it.  The frequency of it. It was quite bizarre. I could feel the struggle of the program to maintain itself.  I then saw the same yuck yellowish color which seems to be the underlying thematic color of the matrix program(s).  At least that’s what I have begun seeing it as, an experience that happened only very recently. All of this happened quite quickly tonight…  My mind still continues to “understand” these experience and the concept of the matrix simulation.


The Star Timelapse is IMPORTANT ++ More Australia News

Published on Dec 2, 2017

Antarctica Meteor Strikes Continue ~ The Number Keeps Increasing ~ Davis Meteor Read


Meteor detection sky map.

Also of note.  I received this image (below) in an e-mail from BPEarthwatch at 5:30pm, Pacific time.  An unusual meteor read he captured ~ something I have captured before a few times this past year.  Definitely NOT a typical meteor read, especially during the non-summer months as outlined on the Live Meteors website.  They’re heeeeeeeeeeeere…

The Sun Today ~ 11/28/17 ~ And Past Events


Ok peeps subscribe to this guy’s channel!  He has his own telescope complete with software and he is capturing live footage of the Sun. AMAZING what he captures (no NASA fake shit).  I would LOVE to have equipment like this.  I would be constantly capturing things and sharing! He captures crafts going in and out of the Sun.  She (sun) is not what we think it is.  She’s a portal.


The Sun Today On November 28th 2017 And Past Events

Published on Nov 28, 2017



August Piccard ~ Popular Science August 1931: “It appeared as a disc with upturned edges”

(scroll to page 23 to read his team’s observation at 9 miles up)

I will say this ~ I put more faith into a man who built his own flying craft, traveled upwards of 70,000 + feet AND was not paid nor controlled by any government affiliate/agency.