A Collective Call To The Lightworkers ~ And All Else Who Resonate With This Message


In the middle of paying a bill to the debt criminals when I decided writing this was more important.

I awoke this morning with the strong urge to gather as many of us together energetically with the focus of putting an end to this matrix for good.  I read article after article, comment after comment of beautiful people waiting for this “end” this “shift” as though we have no control over it.



We are the Creator’s!

Reality is more malleable than it has been in a very long time so come on. Join in with me!

Let us make this shift together now.  Let us call forth an end to the matrix grid energies now.  This is OUR reality.  OUR experience.  OUR realm.


What do we want?  Do we want to continue on with the way things are going – with this shift seemingly to take far too long for us?  Or do we want to LET GO NOW and intend the end to this control NOW.

I opt for NOW.

And I hope you will join me in this.  This is not just some piece I write up and move on to something else.  This feels like a MISSION.  A mission to be created NOW.  Not some day down the road.

If you are with me, let me know as I am going to be holding myself and all accountable with our words ~ which must be impeccable at this point.  Not to sound like a dictator.  We have had enough of that.  I am saying do not agree to something – do not agree to this unless it resonates deeply within your heart.

This doesn’t need to be complicated.  Just setting some times throughout the day for a few moments – pause – and say the words and feeeeel the impact of them.  Something like “All energies of control are removed NOW.”  or “The matrix grid as we understand it is OVER NOW.”  Or “I bring down the matrix grid NOW!”  Or “I am FREE NOW!”  Then visualize and feel your life being completely free – in paradise.  Please offer suggestions too.  This is not about my ego so I have NO attachment to how this is done and am COMPLETELY open to hearing your suggestions.

And I am just one person.  One powerful person of course – just as you all are.  Together we can bring down the matrix with our thoughts alone. Months ago I heard “we can bring this down in a nanosecond together”.

So then let’s stop talking about it and DO IT already!

Who is with me?


~please share this with everyone on your social media pages and encourage them to share as well.  i want to make this global and i want to see it started/created asap.  


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Author: Victoria1111

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18 thoughts on “A Collective Call To The Lightworkers ~ And All Else Who Resonate With This Message”

  1. Urgent! Urgent! Urgent!
    Indeed is this Our Life Mission. Bravo, Victoria!
    “We all as ONE dissolve the matrix grid NOW!”

  2. Raising the love vibration around the planet, siding with Earth and aligning the personality/ego with the Higher Self (conscience) portion of the soul to remove those who stand in the way of Higher Self reintegration into the physical body. This reintegration process allows us to become wholly human. Perception of reality does not happen TO us, rather WE happen to perception of reality. We are not victims. Do not be distracted by the outer world of rabbit holes, frustration, fear, separation and limitations. Our focus should be on changing our inner selves in order to change the world. Love means courage – heart wisdom and confidence. Trust in yourself and raise your vibrations beyond the reach of the naysayers who would interfere with ours and Earth’s rising consciousness.

  3. Wait for me, please…. ;)) I totally resonate with Your words, with Your energy and with Your Warrior spirit!!! I AM in!!! Just keep singing “Imagine” day and night.
    Dear sister, also, I have some ideas to share. Please contact me at:

  4. Greetings Family of Light .

    Eugene here at the Space Coast in Fl . Light Warrior .
    If your reading these words You know that The New Earth Lives Within You .
    Like me your moving dimensionally from 4 d , 5d , 6 d and beyond more frequently now then ever before .
    And you certainly know the difference from 4d to 5 d . They feel soooo very different .
    Like Me you know You must be grounded properly anchored at the tail bone and into the pink diamond crystal in the heart of Mother Earth , with a wire coiled around the tube we tell the wire and tube to turn on and activate the wire , open the feet chkrs by 20 % more , we call Blue n White light from Alcyon ,,,through All the Sons of Light , through our Son ,,,,,through Mother Ships of the Galaxtic Federation into the heart of Mother Earth , back up through the solar Christ consciousness 5 d grid in the earth and above the earth connecting to all planets and Awakened Christed brothers in sisters we are sitting in two flowing channels of this Blue n White light as it goes back to Alcyon , Galaxtic Center . Two loops one with the Gaia one with source , Now we are ready to feel on purpose . We have cleared the center of the head with the Rose tool . We have the light and dark within us . Aka ego shadow . Our mission is to transform our shadow and the world will follow . We are the center of our universe therefor as above ,,awakened soul star , conscious connection with the I Am presence ,,,,,so below ,,,,manifesting heaven on earth ,,,we live rowrowrow yourrr boat gentlyyy DOWNNNNNNDownnnnnnnn downnnnnnn the streammmmm merilyyyymerilyyymerilyyy life is but a dream .
    Knowing we can choose what to put our attention and intention on . We choose the light within us loving validating the self forgiving I am sorry I forgive you I love You Thank You . We are in Love with Love , The Self , The other ones are Me . Being kind surrounding them in pink light we swirl white light from the soul star around everyone we see, because they are us . Having fun we are . If your still with Me you’ve done this for many planets , You have graduated with a Christed Consciosness Phd .
    Go forth and Demonstrate .

      1. even though i did not resonate with this person’s overall view, i allowed for it as it was spoken with respect. i opted to post yours to show what i do not want to have on this site with the comments. no name calling please. disagree with respect. thank you.

        1. agreed
          thanks a lot
          this unique action is of cosmic proportion
          indeed the whole cosmos is assisting
          dunno how many realize that
          our responsibility is huge
          i felt we have to strongly stand in Truth and Truth alone
          cannot afford mistakes or falsity any more
          or naiveté, or lack of discernment
          we need to step up determination,
          from just words, to action
          to perfect action
          this is what is expected of us
          we should have matured enough by now
          this is a turning point we may not miss

  5. Listen, I hear you. I am clenching on and I am finding my new spirit energy Leo but Iam teetering back and forth between my Twin signs and I am in the middle of an integration. I tell you I was born for this, but at the same time I am torn, because I feel as if I was destined to be a martyr as well, and it makes me hate becoming human at all. I feel cursed being able to love, and feel no reciprocity when it comes to what I have created from my own heart.

  6. I respect everyone’s spiritual practices, beliefs, and view’s as long as you can respect that my higher power is God and my savior is Jesus I just need that to be my focal point. I summon all elements the elements of the universe in the name of Jesus Christ to bring justice upon this Earth. Allow humans to appreciate the New Earth and the people in it and what they choose to contribute to the whole community. In exchange we should clean house and live off the land again and do away with sin, money, technology, and organized crime. Human’s need to find a way to live a much simpler lifestyles. Less extravagant. Less expensive. Less waste. I see all view’s. I agree to disagree but I see, and I recognize, I shall not dismiss no anyone no matter how weak or small or different or out of placeor extraordinary they will all be heard and acknowledged. Everybody has something special that they must contribute.

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