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I really wanted to share an article I just finished reading as it perfectly describes what I am experiencing, but I can’t use it to promote myself on a blog or website so instead I will just share my own recent journey.

Just when I begin to question this ascension/change/transition, I seem to get hit hard with proof showing me it is foolish to question the reality of it.    Then I will often “find” an article detailing what I am experiencing ~ down to new/strange experiences, as I did w/the above referenced article.

Currently I am experiencing a lot of bloating as in O M G.  Food sensitivities perhaps ~ noticing that a lot right now.  Either I am not hungry or I am ravished.  Fruit continues to be the center of my cravings/dietary needs ~ that and parmesan cheese and the proverbial dark chocolate w/nuts.  And sourdough toast w/butter.

Headaches/pressure in my cranium.  And while the fatigue has returned, it has taken on a new level.  When it hits me, which I don’t know when, I absolutely need to sleep right there and then.  I can push myself for awhile until I am literally falling asleep where I am.  Yesterday I crashed so suddenly and hard, apparently I slept for an hour.  I don’t remember falling asleep ~ just know that I suddenly crawled into my daughter’s bed mumbling “mama needs to rest right now” and that’s about all I recall. When I opened my eyes I thought 5 minutes had passed.  That is until I looked at the clock and noticed I had been z’ing for 60 minutes.  It is like I am being forced to sleep. I have had an on-going “feel” for a good year now that the closer we get to this transition/solar flash event, the more we will be called to sleep.  Getting out of bed so far in this month of January in the year 2018 has been a huge challenge most mornings.  HUGE HUGE HUGE More days lately my mate and I say we just want to sleep until the transition/event.

I am also purging things out of my body more than normal some days.  I will just leave it at that.  Indeed unusual!

Itching continues, although it is quiet today.  A few nights ago, around 1am, I began to itch all over ~ sides, legs, back and especially my head.  My mate experienced the same thing at around the same time.  The only feel/visual I get on this is crystalline energies coming online in my body, replacing the carbon-based structure.  Unless (and until perhaps) I feel/learn different, this is the analysis I continue to provide.

Please feel free to share your experiences.  I love to hear them!  I could share more of my own but to be honest, I am wiped out and my brain and body is saying “STOP” so stop I will.

Love, peace and freedom~



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