Deep Breaths


Taking them in and out.  Today had another PITA (pain in the ass) moment.  This one cost me $149.50.  And the new printer that was gifted to me is having printing issues (cartridge).  Mate also having a stress-related health issue at the moment too.

Deep breathes, Victoria.  The money will get replaced.

I began doing work with the Shaman ~ at a distance for now as she is out of town for a couple of weeks.  Have no intention of stopping that so Divine Abundance, Financial Blessings are forthcoming with much thanks.

Other than that, I awoke shaking – the whole cells vibing.  And had a couple of heart palpitations.  Solar blasts.  I was deeply exhausted but this little “expense” took up most of my day.  I did have a glimpse of the new earth this morning and there was some question about the house I have seen but I cannot recall what it was.  It was so fleeting – just as I wanted to know more the sounds of “elmo’s world” interrupted.

Ah…………..ok then………

The house has been saged.  Frankinsense, myrrh and copal resin is burning.  Dinner, cooked.  Child tended to (past couple of days has had mama occupied elsewhere).  And for now, I am done with any “doing”.  Being is the talk of the moment.

That is all for now.


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