Energy Update ~ Can You Feel The Real Time Shift? This is Progress!

By Anastacia

~Real Time Energy Update~

Blue Beyond – Can you feel the Real Time Shift? This is Progress!- 9th December 2016
Those of us who have been diligently ‘hanging in there’ in faith and trust (and sometimes losing a little of that along the way briefly, which is okay and very ‘normal’) – have shifted into a whole new layer/level in the last 24/48 hrs!

When we shift into a new ‘space’, this then allows another space for the ‘old’ to also come up.

So we are in a new space (again) and then with the old releasing as well (again). This is something that happens time and time again. Yet each time, we are stronger and are able to release more of the old with more ‘ease’.

This is Progress!!

Pranic breathing is so powerful and very vital, it always has been but more so now.

Each soul I have been ‘talking’ to, this has come through. To STOP, take a deliberate slow BREATH and release the anxiety (also anger, frustration and all else) that has come up – to slow down.

As a lot of anxiety is coming up and more souls are conscious of this and noticing and feeling this more so now. So then, work with this…go with this…stop and pause and take that breath and allow yourself to release this.

Alternatively when one feels anxious/anxiety and notices, breathe and release…acknowledge and release consciously.

Not only from within, but also feel the body relax and let go physically as well. Inner and Outer.

As we hold so much in our bodies that many do not realise, as it can slowly accumulate and ‘build up’.

Also as we do this, then then allows the flow of energy to continue and not be ‘blocked’ or held within.

Many souls have said to me they ‘know’ what I am saying/sharing yet they were needing to hear this so yes we do ‘know’ this (and the ‘basics’) yet to then actually feel and experience – is a whole ‘other world’ – “Knowing and experiencing are worlds apart”.

As sometimes we need another soul to share with, to table, to clear, to hear ourselves in the HUman to feel and release.

To be validated in unconditional love and no judgement.

INfact if we are to grow we need to do this!

Yes we do need to do the ‘miles’ ourselves, yet there is such another element in sharing with another loving soul in a Divine Space.

I Love You…Remember to love you too – UNCONDITIONALLY.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty
Ascension Guide/Teacher
Multi-Dimensional Ancient Earth Master

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