Energy Update ~ May 30, 2017



This time the energy update is my own as I have been having more intense and new experiences.

I awoke this morning, turned to my mate and we both agreed ~ something came in.  Felt like I hadn’t slept at all.  That and the fact that there was that now-familiar heaviness/denseness in my body, I knew what was up.

My schedule today:

Get up.  Stay up for an hour.  Return to bed for 2.  Get up for another 4. Return for another 2.  Somewhere in that time I found time to school our child, do some laundry, dishes and make a batch of pancakes.  Felt that zoned-out feeling that either felt blissful or irritating.  Getting dinner ready at the moment when I would rather be back in bed.

I joked that we need a sign for the front door:

“Light Warrior Workers Resting Due to Incoming Energies”.

This began for me on the 27th ~ three days after the 5/24 incoming Plasma wave – aka the 9th wave.  I just linked an article to this (thank you for my wonderful reader Deborah for sending it in).  Certainly felt that one over the weekend as I had 2 days in a row with 2-hour long afternoon naps – one day they were back-to-back.  If I remember correctly I wrote about this as this is something I never do.  (My ability to remember what I said/did/ate/etc. etc. is waning.)

Physically, other than the fatigue, I’ve experienced mild headaches, tingling sensations on my scalp, and pain in my joints, in particular my knees, hips and hands/fingers.  And obviously discombobulated thought patterns as I just typed “paint” instead of “pain”, re-read it several times before figuring out why “paint in my joints” just didn’t read correctly.

I am also having a very strong desire to practice my Telepathy skills, so I have been doing that with my family.

There are several pieces I am seeing now that speak of the Wave starting to come in now.  The BIG One.  The One we are all waiting for.  I also heard from one of my readers and he had this to say:  “Something’s telling me the seams are starting to split. That, though creeping, something’s about to happen. That’s what I keep getting, for the past few days.”

Others are feeling this separation.  I have been feeling an on-going separation for awhile now but certainly I feel it more intensely these days. And yes, that feeling of “something” about ready to happen.  Many of us are feeling it.

And if you aren’t, that’s ok too!  We’re all going through this together, regardless of what our individual experiences are. The message in the video last night is still running through my mind and my heart.  Our presence alone has been the magnet that has brought forth this massive energy wave, directly impacting our planet.  Without those of us who are here to be this energetic “magnet”, the energy wave would simply have skipped on by the planet.

The work and the journey is both hard and simple at the same time, imho. Hard for the ego.  Simple for the Self.

Whatever our perception, I do believe by and large we will be creating our own individual realities based on our choices, perceptions and Higher Self.

And as always, remain open to the element of magical surprises.

Be Well Rainbow Warriors.



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  1. Well said. I enjoyed that. I recently spent a day with no energy to spare, doing nothing – and I NEVER do that.

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