Energy Update Part II



How long is this going to continue?  lol  Seriously ~ how is one supposed to function under these conditions?  6 days.  Normally I have acclimated by now.

I slept soundly until 6am then was wide awake (after 6 hours of sleep) as was my child.  An hour or two later, we crashed out again until 10am.

It’s 3pm ~ we have a dinner to go to tonight.  Good that I don’t have to cook but not-so-good as I cannot keep my eyes open.  A friend stopped in today and he and I spoke of these energies.  He said he as well has been napping a lot lately.  Mate continues to have the same experience.

Having the ringing in the ears although this time it feels like my entire brain is ringing.  That’s a new one.  Also having weird wobbling sensations in my mind ~ feeling I am elsewhere before I tell myself to come back to the present.  I was able to travel to a few timelines last night during my meditation and could feel the energetic difference in each.  Trust me when I say the New Earth Realm is a much better feel.

Must nap now.  How are you all doing?

UPDATE:  We arrived at the bbq tonight ~ it was a community bbq. Immediately left.  Energy was horrible.  We all felt it immediately. Drugged out people with the zombie stares were what we experienced, most chain-smoking.  It was so sad.  But we all agreed ~ must watch what we allow in our space.  So we picked up some take out and enjoyed the meal in the sanctuary of our own space.

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2 thoughts on “Energy Update Part II”

  1. Haven’t seen the sun in a week…but still supposed to be full of joy and light…hard to do when this is being manipulated.
    The energy wave on the 24th was done to offset the big CERN wave on the 29th that killed many whales, dolphins.
    I would not mind these waves if they were not also from the dark.
    Is this game ever played fairly? If yes, let me know on which planet and I am buying the first ticket out!

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