Ensuring We Stay In Our Full Power

I am spending some time re-reading some material I have read at times throughout the past year.  Here is the link.  I believe the following phrase is of the most importance for us all:

Not to belabor this, however, an important key to remember in all situations is to preserve your Life force, your personal power – as directed with your full intention – by retaining the Self Sovereignty and Freedom of your Being. You are God, Period. You are the Cosmic Sovereign Law Made manifest, and it is your divine right to state your claim as such! Stay away from anything that is sucking on your energy, wanting your worship or claiming power or elitism over you.[4]

Awakening to our Higher Consciousness does not mean all is love and light, all the time. Returning to Unity does not mean you will mesh with everyone around you.  Coming from the heart does not mean one must be “nice”.

All of this work is about Remembering Our Eternal Source Within.

Each of us is Source.  We are One, but we are not the same.  (Love that line by the U2 song.)

As we continue on this journey of awakening, remember the words “You Are Source”.  Be conscious of your energy.  I have been noticing how I give mine away, at times quite easily ~ easily because I am not fully conscious of what I am doing.  Bad habit that must be scrapped now.  I will not let others words and behaviors dictate my own Sense of Self.

Deep within I simply know no one can tell me who I am.  No one can proclaim to know something about me.  The only one who holds my truth is ME.

I have been practicing, diligently I might add, by noticing when I do give my energy away, give my attention elsewhere, asking myself “is this what you want to do with your personal energy?”  I am also doing this when I am in social situations.  Pay attention to the body.  Check in.  It doesn’t lie. Only the brain plays tricks with rigid rules, should’s and fear-based programming.

I have also been practicing, just as diligently, noticing when I suddenly feel “small” and then saying “Source Is NOT Small.  I Am Source.  I Am here to be Fully Me.”  Share it.  Shine on Brightly.

Be in the heart and of the mind.

We got this.


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