An Experience In Frustration Leads To A New Approach


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Shortly after posting my piece earlier today about releasing our programmed responses of division and instead asking such questions as “what do we want”, the Universe/Higher Self provided me the chance to put that into practice.

Such a brilliant sense of energetic humor that surrounds us.

A visiting neighbor stopped by and within moments was discussing politics and the latest (false flag) shooting in Texas.  False flag of course meaning that the system is not going to tell us the full truth of the event. The old power structure supporters are pulling out all of their final punches ~ something that does not surprise the truth seekers.

Upon hearing our neighbor begin to once again express his hatred of Trump, spouting nothing but programmed responses he picks up from CNN, MSNBC and their kind, I had to interject.  To begin with I have made it very clear we are not to discuss such topics in my house.  It is an experience that is a complete waste of my time.  He is holding tight to his reality – at times even when he is shown something different.  When this happens, as it did today with learning that his candidate has been shown to have rigged the primary, he brushes it off. This has for so very long made me want to scream out loud – “this is why this shithole system has been allowed to continue as long as it has because of blind ignorance such as you are sharing.  You are SO fucking addicted to your programming, so fucking afraid of having a new thought, to even CONSIDER having a new thought, you cling to your perceptions like a baby clings to its blankie!”

Today I made the choice to express myself in similar fashion.  I ended it by saying his candidate could drop a bomb outside his house, clear as day, and he would still be looking for Trump and the Russians to blame.

Then, after I left the space and took some deep breaths, I returned and apologized for the intensity of my speak.

I then approached the relating by asking him what he wanted.

His first response was “well I could say I want a lot of money”.  His arms were crossed and so I instantly knew he was closed off.

I then thought of our old friend, Robert Hunt, who left this realm almost 10 years ago.  He was one that, before he spoke, would ask those around him to “get in that heart space”.  He would pat his heart and give a smile that always included a beautiful twinkle in his eyes.  I am thankful he gave me that gift as I think of that choice he made often.

I put my hand on my heart and said “speak from here” and again asked him what it is he wanted.

Taking that approach, from that energy space, he dropped his arms and actually opened them wide and said “I want peace.”


“Me too,” I said, with tears in my eyes.  “That is what we all want.  And do you think anyone in our government has helped ensure we all have that peace?”

He paused.

“No,” he said.

“So then isn’t it time we have something brand new?  We make new choices for ourselves, be open to having new thoughts and ideas so we can help create the new?” I asked.  I reminded him, again, how I had once been a rock solid Democrat, even voting for the male version of his candidate – twice!  I then said more important to me though was seeking the truth ~ which is an ongoing process.  I was saying that if I could pull myself out of my comfort chair, even if it meant my version of reality was temporarily broken, so could he.

While he wouldn’t quite agree fully, he couldn’t disagree either.

Will our conversation stick with him?  Will that seed I shared with him grow?  I don’t know.  I can hope it does but I also hold no expectations for it.

For one of the most difficult truths I have had to accept is that for some Beings, it is far more comfortable to hold onto a thought, a belief, even when it has run its course.

And yet I also hold faith in knowing that no seed ever dies.

It is always waiting to sprout.







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